Here in the United States, Thanksgiving Weekend is Coming Soon

Which Marks the Start of the Holiday Season with turkey recipes being swapped between friends and relatives, and shoppers making their lists (and checking them twice).

As consumers attempt to score the best deals with the utmost convenience, there is an increase in mobile and online shopping. Some consumers will brave stores in hopes of an even better deal by standing in line all night (or all day since this year some stores, such as Walmart, will open their doors at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day). For the rest, mobile shopping provides an easier option, and especially for those traveling to remote destinations to be with family and friends for the start of the holiday season.

Yet we should realize, even without the influence of the holidays, mobile shopping is one of the most popular uses for a network connected smartphone. In fact, 30% of mobile subscribers access shopping sites on just an average day. Most subscribers prefer to shop via an app as opposed to a browser (77.4% vs 22.6%), and the most popular shopping sites worldwide are Amazon, eBay and Groupon.

The Most Popular Mobile Shopping Hours?

We predict that the most popular mobile shopping hours on Thanksgiving Day will be at midnight on Friday after Thanksgiving,  – contrary to the regular pattern of an average weekday when most popular time for mobile shopping is typically 9 am and 8 pm.

We look forward to finding out what really drives mobile shopping patterns over the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out the Citrix Mobile Analytics Report for more big data insights on mobile shopping and other mobile subscriber characteristics