Security Strategies for IT: Protect What Matters

“Protect what matters” – it sure sounds simple.  Yet, how is this actually realized in the age of consumerization, BYO and cloud?

Join me in St. Louis and Houston (with more cities to follow) in early December.  We will be showcasing best practices and technologies for virtualization, containerization and secure networking – highlighting the balance of user experience and security control.  You will also get access to live demos that will demonstrate how to:
  • Stratify consumer-grade devices and their relative risks
  • Design measures that secure sensitive data on managed and unmanaged devices
  • Architect mobile security across unmanaged apps and networks
  • Develop and enforce policies to “manage the unmanageable”

To register:

So start 2015 prepared with a security focused plan.  I look forward to seeing some of you at these events!

Special note: This seminar qualifies for one  ISC(2) CPE credit.