HP ProLiant SL270s

Citrix Ready with Citrix XenServer 6.2.

HP ProLiant SL270s is a server solution, part of the HP ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System designed for Hyperscale and High Performance Computing market segments. This solution is Citrix Ready with Citrix XenServer 6.2. It reduces solution costs, maximizes power efficiency and eases customer serviceability.

The server serves this capability by utilizing Intel’s Ivy Bridge EP CPU architecture. HP is known for its solutions to provide peak performance, running large application load, simplifying complicated installations, improving the versatility and scalability with a reduced power consumption thus reducing the overall TCO.

These servers are popular and extremely well suited for a broad range of uses in major market segments like Government, Manufacturing, Finance and Healthcare. They are also spec’d to be able to support high-end graphical and enterprise use cases.

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Available here. This server has one PCI slot available where users can attach any XenServer Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) supported RAID controller and expect the overall solution to work in perfection with XenServer 6.2 running.

If however, customers want to use the slot as an additional GPU slot (e.g. to leverage XenServer’s powerful NVIDIA vGPU capabilities) they will need to use the on board storage controller instead. Currently only available on-board RAID is HP B320i which requires hpvsa driver to talk to hypervisor like XenServer. This is a proprietary driver that does not ship with XenServer, and so cannot be supported right now.

To avail yourself of some of the existing reference architectures of HP solutions with XenServer, check out this great whitepaper. These solutions showcase the powerful integration of Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop 7.x using XenServer on HP Servers possibly only through continuous Citrix-HP alliances and joint engineering (read more, here).