Time. The villain in many a hard-crunched project or last minute deadline. We get it – time is money. And, in today’s already cram-packed-to-the-max day it’s also pretty darn short too! So let’s get straight to the point. We have two great marketing programs that Citrix Partners can use today to help automate and simplify many of the steps associated in getting ahead online and socially. Sounds great right? And the even better part is that they’re available at zero cost as an exclusive benefit of your partner membership with us.

When it comes to marketing activities, take a moment and think about all the tasks you have to complete during an average day (if “average” actually exists) of your working week. Chances are – like many of us – you’re thinking “Wow, there’s a lot to do here”. So it’s probably also fair to say that anything that can help to automate part of those processes for you would be a big-win, right? What if that automation could also help you create awareness, generate leads and nurture relationships too? You can see where I’m going here……It’s time to get on board and take back control of the time in your day.

Meet your new marketing heroes

Whether marketing is your only role or just part of your day-to-day, Citrix Social and Citrix Syndication can help you to be all things to all people, even when you’re not. Simply put, they help you get ahead every day in your online marketing by providing you with instant, automatic access to Citrix content for your social media networks and your website. We do all the heavy lifting for you, making sure that you’re armed with the tools you need to set about the rest of your day – all the while knowing that you’re building new relationships socially and that your company website is generating leads for your business. Neat huh?

Webinar replay – now available

It’s time to take back control of your working day! Capes ready? It’s time to be the marketing superhero you are. Yes yes, cheesy I know, but you get the point – these programs really CAN save you time. And money. That’s a big win to anyone. 

Watch our recent webinar and let us show you exactly how you can use these programs within your every day marketing activities. What could be easier? Exactly.

Get ahead with Citrix Social and Citrix Syndication*

In this webinar, we discuss exactly how you can best use these two key programs to max, helping you get ahead, make new friends online and benefit from net new leads, for free.

Watch the recording today.*

*Please note that you will need to use your Citrix Partner Central credentials to view the webinar via CitrixTV

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