Due to the “Seismic Changes” in Selling and Marketing

How selling technology has changed – due to technology – and how Citrix Partners can benefit
B2B customers are more than halfway through the sales cycle before contacting a vendor.  Because of the convergence of social media, cloud-based marketing solutions, big data, mobility and search engine optimization:

  • 94% of buyers collect and share information prior to a business-to-business purchase decision. (Sirius Decisions)
  • Customers have practically infinite online resources to pull from. Armed with information, they often develop fixed expectations about the solution, rather than remaining open to ideas from partners. 

So how can you influence customers during the first half of the decision-making process – before a sale becomes simply a matter of agreeing on terms and costs?

A dozen touches

A proven way to do this is by touching the same customer with the same message up to a dozen times. A dozen touches can feel like overkill, but smart sales and marketing use a variety of delivery vehicles, including email, blog posts, banner ads, social media, webinars and premium offers like white papers or reference architectures. 

This is a far cry from the traditional approach taken by some organizations, which still rely on word of mouth and professional relationships to generate new business. 

Easily deliver your own “multi-touch” campaign

Marketing to customers through diverse media channels can be time-consuming and complicated.

We make it easy.

Because we want to be the best business for you to partner with, we’ve done the heavy lifting to make it easy for you to sell and market your custom solutions with Citrix marketing automation and sales tools like Citrix Syndication, Citrix Social, Citrix Marketing Concierge and Citrix SalesIQ. 

Citrix SalesIQ provides Citrix Partners effective, powerful content to help you deepen your customer engagement and win bigger deals.
Citrix SalesIQ provides Citrix Partners effective, powerful content to help you deepen your customer engagement and win bigger deals.

Bringing Citrix Partners big benefits

  • Citrix Social Syndication provides Citrix-prepared content you can send out on your preferred schedule on social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.  The content is always fresh and free. 
  • Citrix Syndication enables partners to have high-quality Citrix content added to your website automatically instead of writing, developing, monitoring and updating the pages yourself.  
  • Citrix Marketing Concierge makes it simple to customize and execute an end-to-end demand-gen campaign for a new solution.  Free kits are available for many Citrix Key Plays and all leads go directly to you.  
  • Citrix SalesIQ brings you effective, powerful content to help you deepen your customer engagement and win bigger deals in an easy to use platform.
  • Citrix Alliance partnerships add even greater value for channel partners. Our collaborations with alliance partners like Cisco, NetApp and Microsoft provide campaigns that focus on our joint solutions. These featured solutions are supported by reference architectures, design and implementation guides and performance testing.  

Citrix focus is on partner relationships

Today, more than ever, keeping your brand – supported by the Citrix brand – in front of customers and prospects is a top priority.

Citrix is working hard to make it easy for our partners to create essential multi-touch campaigns that spotlight your solutions and consistently drive customers into your sales funnel while minimizing time, cost and complexity.  

Log in to Citrix Partner Central and get started using these tools to build your sales pipeline today. For more information, contact your Citrix Channel Development Manager or Field Sales Manager.

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