Citrix Partner Accudata Systems strengthens customer relationships by proactively turning BYOD conversations into benefit-rich strategic mobility solutions

Accudata Systems’ Vid Sista hears this story frequently. “A customer implements a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) project and is focused on how to manage the devices. We start with mobile device management (MDM) but quickly broaden the discussion to other critical aspects of mobility, including a strong security policy, applications, and data in the cloud. BYOD has served as a foot in the door to broader mobility conversations.” 

BYOD launches mobility conversations

Using BYOD as a launch pad to deeper exploration is an analogy that is especially appropriate given Accudata’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The 180-employee IT consulting and integration firm has four branches and many customers in the energy and heathcare sectors. 

Shift in mobility mindset

Sista, who is director of the Security & Mobility practice, has been discussing BYOD with customers for over four years. “Initially, the customers said there was no way they were allowing personally owned devices on their network. Obviously, there has been a big shift in that mindset.”

Another critical enabling factor for mobility was the Citrix acquisition of Zenprise, leading to the XenMobile product line. “Once XenMobile became available, we shifted our strategy. We appreciated the long-term Citrix roadmap for a comprehensive mobility solution versus a point product.” 

XenMobile Enterprise training

Accudata has invested in XenMobile Enterprise training, complementing its existing expertise in Citrix virtualization and networking solutions. This investment has helped the company achieve $1 million in XenMobile sales to date. 

XenMobile Enterprise offers comprehensive capabilities addressing the broad scope of mobile workspaces: remote access, support and management for devices and apps, and secure data storage and sharing.

Tight integrated solution

Sista noted, “Right now, the Citrix solution is unique in its tight integration with other critical components, especially ShareFile. We also value app wrapping, the family of Worx Mobile Apps and the ability to containerize business and personal workspaces on the same device. It’s like virtualization in a mobile environment – you can get your apps and data on any mobile device with a high level of security and control.” 

He continued, “Some customers we talk to don’t see the big picture of mobililty – that it represents a major paradigm shift in computing, like the shift from the mainframe to distributed PCs. They come to us looking for a ‘silver bullet.’”

“Once we explain the big picture and help them expand their perspective beyond products, we discuss issues such as use cases, processes and procedures, user groups, apps to be mobilized, etc. Then we can start talking about the technologies needed to achieve secure, productive mobile work environments.” 

Proactive approach solidifies relationships

Accudata’s proactive work with XenMobile has enhanced its relationships with customers, which already rely on the company for leadership in Citrix solutions.

At the same time, Citrix looks to Accudata as a go-to partner that can lead customers down the correct path by addressing BYOD issues holistically. Sista has presented as an expert on BYOD strategy across the state of Texas, offering insights into the broad approach required for success. 

Our goal is to take BYOD to the next level with complete strategies that equip organizations to face all the challenges that come with mobility,” he concluded. 

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