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We are pleased to announce eG Monitor for Citrix ShareFile as Citrix Ready!

eG Innovations provides performance management solutions that dramatically accelerate the discovery, diagnosis, and resolution of service performance issues in virtual, cloud, and physical service infrastructures. eG Innovations’ performance management and monitoring solutions are used by the demanding companies to enable delightful user experiences, keep mission-critical business services at peak performance and deliver on the ROI promise of transformational IT investments.

Citrix ShareFile is a secure, enterprise data sync and file-sharing and cloud storage service

This allows users to store and exchange large files with people both inside and outside of their organization. ShareFile enables mobile productivity with a read-write access to data, allows users to securely share files with anyone, and sync files across all of their devices. With ShareFile, IT also gains the flexibility to store enterprise data in the most optimal locations and leverage existing investments to meet compliance and performance requirements.

In integration with Citrix ShareFile, eG Innovation has now developed a product called eG Monitor for Citrix ShareFile. eG Monitor for Citrix ShareFile is capable of monitoring every step of a user interaction with the Citrix ShareFile service end-to-end – from user logins to user authentication by the Control Plane to license checks to storage zone accesses to uploading/downloading files from the storage zone.

In the process, the eG Monitor not only detects bottlenecks to service delivery, but also highlights what is causing it – is it a bad network connection; Is it the unavailability of the Control Plane?; Is it owing to a slowdown when authenticating user logins to ShareFile?; Is it due to the absence of adequate user licenses with the ShareFile account?; Is it owing to a device overload on the ShareFile account?; Is it because of slowdowns when accessing the StorageZone?; Is it because of delays when uploading files to/downloading files from the StorageZone?.  Once the root-cause of the service degradation is identified, administrators can quickly plug the holes to ensure high service availability.

eG Monitor for Citrix ShareFile will help enterprises monitor the user experience with Citrix ShareFile service. It will also track and nurture the success of the service, verify policy compliance and ensure a high ROI with your file sync and sharing service.

The salient features of eG Monitor are as follows:

  • Enables ShareFile administrators to monitor every layer of every tier of the Citrix ShareFile service end-to-end, from a single, integrated monitoring console; this provides a single pane of glass view of the entire ShareFile service and helps locate problem areas easily;
  • Rapidly detects bottlenecks to service delivery and accurately isolates what is causing it, thus enabling swift problem resolution and ensuring high service uptime;
  • Automatically baselines the performance of the Citrix ShareFile service using historical performance data; this way, the eG Enterprise system catches wind of a problem before it impacts user productivity, and proactively alerts administrators to it, so that they can take pre-emptive action.
  • Notifies administrators of current/probable performance issues via multiple modes – web console, email, SMS, SNMP traps; this ensures that no problem goes unnoticed by administrators.
  • Allows instant analysis and investigation of captured issues by providing one-click access to historical graphs, reports, and detailed diagnostics;
  • Provides on-demand access to a knowledge base of past problems and their probable fixes, thus hastening problem resolution.

To learn more about the eG Monitor for Citrix ShareFile, feel free to request a demo.

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