Survey Results

We wanted to share with you a quick summary of the results from the WAN survey we published a few weeks ago.  We had a very positive response rate to the survey and we’d like to send you a big thank you for that.  We have now analysed the results to plot the types of WAN links customers have to Branch offices.  Some customers have multiple WAN links to branch offices so the number of data points is greater than the number of responses received due to some customers having multiple types of WAN connections.

Some interesting high level data points:

  • A high number of responses where the latency was reasonably high >200ms.
  • Satellite connections were fairly high, 19% of customers have them.
  • Dial up is in short supply with only 6% of customers still using dial-up.
  • Majority of bandwidth fell in the 1Mbit/s – 20Mbit/s range although quite a few customers also have very high bandwidth links of 100Mbit/s or more.
  • Leased lines are definitely the most popular
  • For Citrix Services, Endpoints in the Branch Offices are most popular
  • High percentage of VDAs/DDCs/XenApp servers in branch offices
  • More than half of the responses showed customers used QOS on WAN links

WAN Techology Types

We asked the question, what kind of WAN links do you have at your company between branch offices/sites?

From the chart above its clear Leased line technology are used in the majority of cases with varying types from T1–>T4. DSL was also quite heavily used presumably as it’s more cost effective although not a dedicated P2P link depending on contention ratios. Satellite also appeared to be quite highly used for remote offices. Items that fell in to the “other” category included Ethernet, 3G, Cable, MPLS and Fibre.

WAN Bandwidth between Branch Offices

We asked the question, what is the typical bandwidth on your WAN links? Respondents could select more than one option if they had multiple WAN links.

What we can see from this graph is most of the WAN bandwidth falls within the 1Mbit/s–>20Mbit/s range. However there are quite a high number of customers that do have links with much higher bandwidth between Branch offices. The important outcome of this question is that from the responses we have received the bandwidth of their WAN links ranged from <256Kb/s –> >5GBit/s. This is important as it shows the diversity of connections that customers are using who are also using our products.

WAN Latency between Branch Offices

We asked the question, what is the typical latency on your WAN links? Respondents could again select more than one option if they have multiple links with varying latency.

What is interesting about this chart is there are a large number of customers who have links in the 0–>100ms range, but there are also a large number of customers who also have WAN links with latency in excess of >200ms. 

Citrix Services in Branch Offices

We asked the question, what Citrix Services/Components are located in the Branch offices? Customers could select more than one if they had multiple services.

Clearly most branch offices have Endpoints but quite a high number also have VDAs or are planning on putting VDAs in there. From recent discussions with Citrix Consulting Services and from customers at Citrix User Groups, having DDCs in a datacentre and VDAs in a branch office is another increasingly likely scenario. Existing XenApp customers are used to this model of having session hosts local to Endpoint’s for performance.

We also captured information relating to QOS traffic priority on WAN links

Clearly ICA and Voice are the winners here with our customers. WAN optimisation technologies were also used quite widely.


We hope there is enough information in the results from the survey to give you a high level view of the types of WAN links customers are using with our products and also the types of traffic they are running over them. The results also give us an insight to the type of services customers are running in branch offices and also helps reinforce our expectations. With all this taken into account we can not only build some of this information in to our own Workflow end-to-end testing stories but these results will also help provide some thought for other individual feature owners and how their features might interact differently depending on whether XenDesktop is used over a LAN or a WAN.

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