What do Old Bay potato chips, the Potomac River and IT monitoring have in common? They all converged at ScienceLogic Symposium in National Harbor, Maryland at the end of October, where I had the opportunity to represent Citrix as one of their technology partners. ScienceLogic is a CitrixReady certified partner that has IT monitoring software that integrates with Citrix CloudPlatform.

I learned that more and more companies are collapsing the number of toolsets they’re using and are looking to simplify hybrid IT delivery and accelerate the route to market of new service offerings while still providing security and compliance with a centralized platform.

As you may know, Citrix CloudPlatform fits as a control layer on top of compute, network and storage infrastructure. It also handles the infrastructure management including the provisioning of the control plane and setting of policies. ScienceLogic’s EM7 is a robust API-based software that monitors these policies for smooth running of the entire datacenter environment.

Getting Citrix Ready Certified

To get Citrix Ready certified, ScienceLogic built use cases targeting CloudPlatform environments. By looking at all of the different APIs exposed to integration vendors and pulling in that information, it created asset or device records that then flowed through typical IT operations processes and provided aggregated pass-through trend and usage metrics. With multi-tenant views that abstract information based on a service or a client, a service provider or enterprise is able to carve off aspects of the infrastructure to feed different lines of business. They used EM7 to then provide event management across all the aggregated data tied to an individual component or the related service.

EM7 Integration with Citrix CloudPlatform

When integrating with CloudPlatform, EM7 looks at the modeling of all the different layers of architecture including zones, pods, clusters, hosts, VMs and system VMs and breaks out these elements of the API for complete infrastructure visibility. It can run multiple CloudPlatform environments (e.g., single instances per organization/division) and aggregate them to a common framework. Here are a few examples when you can use this:

  • If you expand a new pod or had challenges with capacity at the pod level, EM7 can abstract that out and alert the appropriate group as well as provide history of a prior architecture.
  • If someone deleted a pod or a new pod appears, it gets tracked and audited and follow-on events and notifications are provided.
  • If any one of those services has reported health or threshold violations, those also get filtered up into the event management process providing a comprehensive report.
  • You can also take CloudPlatform deployment data and keep that updated in a ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

A Look at Citrix Reporting with ScienceLogic

So, if you’ve standardized your services on top of CloudPlatform and you want to aggregate data and provide service levels, you need to pull data out of the lower levels of your infrastructure (compute, network and storage), as well as data from CloudPlatform. With EM7, all of that information rolls into different workflows (provisioning, onboarding, monitoring) aligned with the individual service that gets created. ScienceLogic’s CloudMapper technology abstracts the zones, clusters, pods, hosts and guests and aggregates data at each layer from the different APIs.

Figure 1: CloudMapper technology showing Citrix CloudPlatform infrastructure

Another EM7 report collects Citrix XenServer hypervisor data and overlays that with the host data from the CloudPlatform API, allowing the creation of multiple views that roll up into both granular as well as aggregated performance dashboards.

Figure 2: Sample XenServer Host Dashboard

Once you’ve completed the planning, purchasing and deployment phases of your cloud, it’s important to think about how to ensure visibility across your entire IT stack.

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