After all these years why have so many organizations lagged?

Why have they hesitated to make the transition from legacy data centers to private or public cloud infrastructure?  Despite all of the new cloud enhancements, not to mention innovations in the delivery of personal desktops and workspaces, enterprises continue to take a cautious approach.

Large enterprise CIOs have earned a reputation for a conservative approach, carefully picking their way through upgrades and transitions to avoid any potential for a business disruption.

As one IT saying goes,The pioneers are often the people with arrows in their backs.”

We may be nearing a tipping point in the inevitable shift to the cloud
Recent advancements suggest that we may be nearing the tipping point in the inevitable shift to the cloud.  That shift includes the embrace of virtual apps, desktops and complete mobile workspaces.

Why now?

One key reason is the emergence of predefined reference architectures that extend across strategic technology vendors. One great example is the FlexPod Datacenter for Citrix XenDesktop, a collaboration between Cisco, NetApp and Citrix, which includes predefined reference architectures for delivering Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop over the Cisco Unified Computing System and related infrastructure equipment combined with NetApp storage.

Mobile Workspaces from Citrix on FlexPod

CIOs are also seeing real world, large-scale enterprises successfully deploy mobile workspaces from Citrix on FlexPod. For example, the University of São Paulo (USP), one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the world, deploys XenDesktop on FlexPod DataCenter, which includes additional Citrix products such as the XenServer hypervisor, CloudBridge, CloudPlatform and NetScaler load balancing. As a result, USP provides cloud-based workspaces to more than 100,000 students and faculty, while shrinking the number of data centers managed by the university from 150 to just six. This approach has dramatically reduced the cost and complexity of managing and maintaining systems, while enhancing the computing experience for students and faculty alike.

Large-Scale Cisco, Citrix, and NetApp Success Stories

Each illustrate the power and elegance that is possible when deploying Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop on FlexPod DataCenter. For example, the Denver-based law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck has used this solution to deliver virtual desktops across 14 offices in the western U.S. and Washington, DC.

In a market where every billable hour counts, Citrix virtual desktops have empowered attorneys to work anytime, anywhere and have driven an increase in productivity by more than 40,000 hours per lawyer. By virtualizing desktops and servers on a FlexPod Datacenter solution with Citrix XenDesktop and NetApp Flash Pool intelligent caching, the IT team provides high-performing systems and high availability for critical e-mail and document management apps, while avoiding a $200,000 purchase of a dedicated SAN for VDI.

The benefits gained by deploying mobile workspaces powered by Citrix on a FlexPod DataCenter powered cloud are tangible and measurable, proving that the benefits of a private cloud are no longer conceptual, but real.

Ever-cautious CIOs are beginning to discover that the timing is just right for a cloud platform that delivers on the promise of the mobile workspace.