Mobile use is expanding, enterprise users use mobile for eMail.

Unifyle extends it to easily manage documents. With Unifyle any storage can be accessed easily and securely and files can be edited using apps published on XenApp or apps on local device.  Once setup you can use Mobile or PC to work with documents. You can search, manage, edit and share files with ease from mobile.  Once setup is done in Unifyle, you can use native apps like WpS office and directly access files through them instead of having to go through Unifyle UI.

More features

  • Convert corporate file stores (NFS, Samba, Sharepoint etc.,) to a Dropbox like service
  • Share content from internal file servers – No need to move them to external services
  • Search across all file stores
  • Virtual view of all content in one place
  • Drag &   drop from one document source to another including  legacy file storage
  • Full reports on usage of different file storage
  • Control what can be shared and by whom
View/Edit files using apps running on Citrix XenApp no matter where the files are actually located.  Files never come down to the device
Securely access through Worx verified mobile application
Unifyle’s Android app is Worx verified with XenMobile and is listed on Worx App Gallery here