As an individual in the workforce, I just want to get my job done without distractions. I want the ability to not only work seamlessly from the office, but also work at home, work at Starbucks, or even while sipping wine at my favorite vineyard. For me, this means having access to any and all of my business apps and data wherever I am, on whatever device I deem appropriate. Period.

Unfortunately, this simple request from employees is not so simple for IT for many reasons. For the purpose of this blog, let’s focus on the No. 1 reason cited by 600 technology decision makers in a recent Citrix study: Security.

When asked about the challenges that currently exist with their mobility initiatives, more than half of organizations cited data privacy, managing access control and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. It makes sense, right? Yes, because mobility has introduced new computing paradigms – paradigms that support corporate devices outside the firewall, paradigms that allow employees to bring in their personal devices, and paradigms that enable use of business apps and data on non-managed devices.

However, securing these new computing models doesn’t need to be complex. Just like the shift in computing, security needs to go through a similar paradigm shift. Mobile workspaces will be this shift. Let’s take each of these concerns in turn and talk about how mobile workspace solutions help:

  1. Data privacy concerns driven by mixed data on multiple devices. This has bubbled to the surface as a core challenge because people now access personal and business data on the same devices…in many cases, personal devices. Thus, the challenge exists of how to maintain separation and protection of this data. Mobile workspace solutions give IT visibility and control into business apps and data on any device. For personal data, these solutions ensure that personal content is unavailable to IT while more restricted business data can be centralizing it in the datacenter or cloud.
  2. Managing access control when people have more than 3 devices, each needing content access. Survey after survey shows that people use more than three devices a day to get their work done and they want access to all of their business apps and data from all of them. So, how can IT ensure that only approved users, apps and devices get access to business resources? Mobile workspaces provide seamlessly, secure access to business content behind the firewall. Additionally, they allow IT to set location perimeters and ensure that people can only access certain resources when they’re on an appropriate device and in a set geo-based location.
  3. Regulatory compliance, with the ever-growing list of standards, regulations and laws. Globally, organizations face more than 300 security and privacy-related standards, regulations and laws, with more than 3,500 specific controls. No wonder they are struggling! Mobile workspaces allow organizations to host apps and desktops in the data center where IT can maintain centralized data protection, compliance, access control, and user administration. They also provide identity-based provisioning and control of mobile, SaaS, and web apps across mobile devices. For data, the solution tracks and audits data usage while employees share data securely with anyone and sync data across all of their devices. Finally, granular settings – from networking to apps and data – lets IT secure, track, control, and optimize access to apps, desktops, and services on any device.

While these are just a few examples, my goal is to show that implementing secure mobility is very possible with a new way of thinking. Citrix offers mobile workspace apps and delivery infrastructure to make this possible today. Our mobile workspace solution, Citrix Workspace Suite, includes desktop and applications virtualization (XenDesktop and XenApp), mobile application and device management (XenMobile), enterprise file sync and share (ShareFile) and networking capabilities (NetScaler and CloudBridge). Together these technologies make is possible for me, and all other mobile workers, to get our jobs done, while giving IT the piece of mind that data privacy, access requirements and compliance mandate are met.

And, as we announced today, many organizations are taking advantage of these mobile workspace solutions to ensure enterprise-class security for their mobile workforce.

Visit the Citrix Security and Compliance and Citrix Workspace Suite webpages to learn more.