Highlight of Support Articles – October 2014

Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for October 2014

Highlighted Apps, Desktops, and Client Virtualization Articles

CTX116356   How to Enable NIC Teaming on a Provisioning Server Target Device
CTX131611 Known Hardware Related Provisioning Services Issues
CTX124956 Difference with USB Support Between XenApp and XenDesktop
CTX200228 Recommended Solutions for Installing McAfee Antivirus Products in Shared and PVD VMs
CTX200229 Troubleshooting Netscaler for AAATM Form-based Single Sign-on Failure
CTX137142 Configuring App Controller to Provide STA Tickets for WorxMail
CTX200230 Target device cannot boot or create a vDisk in an VLAN tagging environment
CTX126393 How to Capture a Memory Dump from a Provisioned Target in a Hyper-V Environment
CTX200242 All the target devices are not selected when using shift select within the PVS console
CTX126625 How to Isolate Web Interface Sites into Their Own Application Pool for Best Performance
CTX200236 Using Citrix iOS Receiver 5.9.1 Connections to VDA May Intermittently Show Black Screen
CTX200239 How to reset StoreFront 2.x to initial factory settings
CTX200246 EdgeSight Reports Missing PLSD/LSESD Data
CTX200248 Citrix Receiver for Mac 11.8.2 Compatibility with OS X 10.10
CTX200253 PVS Console Crashes while using XenDesktop Setup Wizard
CTX141553 Microsoft Security Patch Validation Report October 2014
CTX200262 Load Balancing Does Not Work Correctly
CTX200255 Unable to Delete Computer Account or VM from Citrix Studio – Error ID XDDS:B125B84A
CTX200256 Users Cannot Authenticate with the Correct Credentials into StoreFront
CTX200257 Screen Issues Connecting to 4K Resolution Monitors in DCR Mode
CTX200265 POODLE SSLV3.0 Security Issue Workaround for License Server
CTX200266 How to Replace the Certificate on the AO Configuration Server
CTX200267 Error: “Failed to create the virtual machine”, When Creating VM from Existing Catalog
CTX200269 Unable to Add Secondary DDC to Existing Site
CTX200268 UPSClient Fails Silent Install on XenApp 6.5
CTX139331 Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook 7.x
CTX200281 Unblock an Unresponsive App Orchestration Workflow with message
CTX200280 Error: “No Device License is Currently Available for this Computer” after Upgrading PVS
CTX200275 Error: “There is no master image associated with the machine catalog”
CTX200272 Using Non-Alphanumeric Characters in VMware Datacenter Name causes MCS Error

Highlighted DataCenter and Cloud Articles

CTX200224   Deployment of a Citrix CloudBridge 4000/5000 Appliances in a Flat Network
CTX116493 How to Enable Promiscuous Mode on a Physical Network Card
CTX200258 All LACP Bonds Links are Inactive when One Link is Lost
CTX134887 XenServer 6.1.0 Technical FAQ
CTX200270 XenServer Hosts with Broadcom 10GbE Crash because of SWIOTLB Exhaustion
CTX141663 CloudPlatform Release Notes
CTX141664 CloudPlatform Installation Guide
CTX141665 CloudPlatform Administration Guide

Highlighted Networking Articles

CTX200231   How to Get Backtrace on NetScaler Appliance for ntpd Process
CTX200232 DNS Resolution through NetScaler Fails with Unknown Host Error
CTX200259 Error: “No Such FIPS Key” when Trying to Install on NS FIPS Appliance
CTX126691 How to Configure NG with Microsoft Network Policy Server (RADIUS) using Windows 2008
CTX118089 How to Configure the SureConnect Feature of the NetScaler Appliance for a Virtual Server
CTX130306 How to Remove the ETag Field from the HTTP Response Header Using a Rewrite Policy
CTX125768 How to Configure a NetScaler Appliance to Check the Certificate Status
CTX200243 DNS Query Responds with Only One IP to Client PC when Connected through AG Full VPN
CTX122955 How to Configure an AGEE Appliance to Perform a Client Certificate Check
CTX200244 How to Unlock AAA User Account
CTX200245 NetScaler High Availability – Best Practices
CTX200250 Finisar Transceiver Generates “Unsupported SFP” Message in NS Appliance log file
CTX200251 Responder after AAA – Error Codes
CTX200252 How to Troubleshoot an LDAP Connection with Wireshark
CTX115248 Duplicate Serial Numbers in NetScaler-Generated Certificates
CTX200284 How to Add a New SSL Certificate to the SVM (Management Service) on NetScaler SDX
CTX200261 NetScaler Advanced Expressions Support in Single Sign-On
CTX200263 How to Enable VPN Icon Visibility Controls for NSGateway Plug-in for Windows
CTX200271 How to Configure NS as SAML Service Provider and Shibboleth as SAML Identity Provider

Highlighted Enterprise Mobility Articles

CTX141482   APNS Certificate Portal
CTX200225 Permissions Required for Active Directory Delta Sync (DirSync) with App Controller
CTX200226 WorxMail on iOS – Mail Notifications and Mail Syncing in XenMobile 9.0
CTX200241 WorxDesktop Does Not Install on Windows Machine
CTX200240 How to Collect XenMobile Server Support Bundle
CTX141541 Worx Home Setup Fails when trying to Enroll Windows Phone 8.1 Devices
CTX200249 How to Upgrade Worx Apps for Android 5

Highlighted Citrix Blogs

Blog   Comparing Receiver for HTML5 & Chrome vs Horizon Blast (HTML5)
Blog What Subscriptions and Server Groups Mean for StoreFront Designs
Blog A Citrix Life – Why should I work for you?
Blog Citrix Director 7.6 Deep Dive Part 1: License Monitoring
Blog Design Guidance for XenApp & XenDesktop 7.6: Updated Virtual Desktop Handbook
Blog   Learn how StoreFront 2.6 administration just got easier
Blog   StoreFront Multi-Site Settings: Some Examples
Blog   How to: Customize and Deploy Citrix Receiver
Blog   Customizing Receiver for Web 2.6
Blog   XenApp 7.6 Upgrade – You got questions, I got answers
Blog   XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 Security: FIPS 140-2 and SSL to VDA
Blog   Citrix Director 7.6 Deep-Dive Part 2: Support for XenApp 6.5
Blog   End-user experience monitoring: we want to hear from you!
Blog   Report Card: XenMobile Cited as a Leader by Forrester Research, IDC, Aragon Research and Ovum!
Blog   Dublin Ireland provides opportunity to grow in tech support. We’re hiring!
Blog   What’s new in Citrix Director 7.6?
Blog   Free XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 Training Available Now!
Blog   StoreFront 2.6 enables Mobile Workstyles, see what’s new
Blog   Receiver for iOS 5.9.1 now available with iOS 8 support and more
Blog   XenMobile APNs CSR Signing Portal is Now Live!
Blog   Compare Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware Horizon – Infrastructure Upgrades
Blog   Delivering Lync from XenApp and XenDesktop
Blog   The Eagle has Landed: Citrix XenApp is now available on HP Moonshot with Intel graphics!
Blog   What’s new with HDX display in XenDesktop & XenApp 7.x?
Blog   Citrix Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview
Blog   Citrix Universal Print Server (UPS) – What’s changed in 2014 and what to expect going forward
Blog   New to XenApp 7.6 and XenDesktop 7.6? Let me be your Wingman
Blog   What’s new for XenApp and XenDesktop with UPS 7.6!

Most Liked Articles*

CTX137494   Receiver Clean-Up Utility
CTX200217 Citrix Security Advisory for GNU Bash Shellshock Vulnerabilities
CTX200238 Citrix Security Advisory for CVE-2014-3566 – SSLv3 Protocol Flaw
CTX200212 Keyboard Input Fails in Citrix Session from Receiver for Mac with OSX 10.9.5
CTX804493 Users Prompted to Download, Run, Open Launch.ica File, Instead of Launching Connection
CTX140111 Hotfix Rollup Pack 4 for Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
CTX136578 Google Chrome not Opening Launch.ica Files
CTX141137 Unblock the Citrix Plug-in message displays when a user opens Receiver for Web
CTX122442 Lifecycle Announcement for Citrix XenApp
CTX141479 Hotfix XS61E043 – For XenServer 6.1
CTX141489 Hotfix XS602E037 – For XenServer 6.0.2
CTX139788 XenServer 6.2.0 Service Pack 1
CTX139939 Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 – Citrix Known Issues
CTX116557 How to Decrypt SSL and TLS Traffic using Wireshark
CTX129229 Recommended Hotfixes for XenApp 6.x on Windows Server 2008 R2
CTX129082 Application Launch Fails with Web Interface using Internet Explorer
CTX132875 Citrix Receiver Error 2320
CTX141487 Hotfix XS61E044 – For XenServer 6.1.0
CTX141478 Hotfix XS602E036 – For XenServer 6.0.2
CTX138197 Citrix Receiver 4.x – Issues Fixed in This Release

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