At the Amazon re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week, Joe Inzerillo, CTO of MLB Advanced Media, delivered one of the more interesting portions of the Wednesday keynote.  MLB Advanced Media was formed in 2000 by the club owners of Major League Baseball to provide digital experiences to their fans.  Those experiences include managing all the league web properties and delivering various forms of interactive media.  Joe walked through some of the latest technologies deployed at baseball stadiums around the league and showed how they’re using on-the-fly analytics to change how fans experience the game. Even for knowledgeable fans, these new insights made possible in part by cloud computing, deliver amazing new insights. I might be a touch biased about all this, as I’m a baseball fan and specifically, a San Francisco Giants fan.  Wrapping-up the talk, Joe showed some terrific images and analysis on a critical World Series game 7 play that helped propel the Giants to victory.

A key takeaway from this session

Even very traditional, longstanding institutions (Major League Baseball was founded in 1869) can benefit from adding new approaches to the previously established way of doing things.

On a variety of fronts, Citrix is similarly offering new approaches to doing things for IT groups.

Citrix is changing the way end users consume applications and desktops from anywhere and helping transform IT to be able to deliver services more quickly and reliably. In the Citrix booth at the re:Invent conference, one of the demonstrations we are showing is how Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp can be deployed on Citrix CloudPlatform. Moving virtual desktop workloads from a traditional deployment to cloud infrastructure decouples the management of underlying resources from the desktop administration helping to enable operational efficiencies and faster provisioning of future new desktops. 

For many people, the idea of running virtual desktops on cloud infrastructure is new but actually has many benefits. For example, IT gains visibility into utilization of compute, memory and networking resources for more informed scaling and operations decisions.  Another benefit uses availability zones offered by Citrix CloudPlatform to bring disaster recovery and high availability to desktop workloads.  There are other benefits as well, but the point is that by adding a new approach to an existing way of doing things, you can uncover new benefits and opportunities.

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