These days, almost every Citrix admin also acts (at least part-time) as a Virtualization administrator

One who needs to manage and monitor the virtualization hosts running his/her XenApp and XenDesktop VM’s. Tools such as  XenCenter and vSphere client are an integral part of the day-to-day management experience alongside traditional Citrix consoles such as Desktop Studio and Director / AppCenter.

ControlUp, which should be familiar to anyone interested in real-time management for XenApp and XenDesktop environments, recently added support for XenServer and vSphere and now allows full management and visibility of the physical hosts running the virtual Citrix environment.

The new Hypervisor Integration feature introduced in ControlUp 4.0

Enables Citrix admins to connect ControlUp to the virtualization infrastructure and gain immediate visibility to all physical hosts. All that is needed are XenServer Pool Master or vCenter web service URLs and credentials with read-only access to the hosts. Once the virtualization layer is added to ControlUp, the new Hosts view will display real-time statistics of XenServer and ESXi hosts including CPU, Memory, IOPS, networking and CPU overcommit columns:

The new Hosts view in ControlUp 4.0

By leveraging the new Hypervisor Integration feature, ControlUp now has the unique capability of combining Hypervisor and rich Guest OS data in the same console. This capability enables Citrix admins to troubleshoot both Hosts related and XenApp / XenDesktop related issues in the same view:

ControlUp 4.0 Computers View Combining Hypervisor and Guest OS Data

Based on the screenshot above we can quickly correlate the XenApp VM high IOPS usage (Virtual Disk Reads / Writes Kbps columns originating from XenServer) and the high XenApp Server Load.

ControlUp 4.0 also includes new columns which make I/O usage troubleshooting much easier.

Citrix admins can now view the I/O usage of sessions and processes to figure out which applications are causing IOPS issues on VMs and Hosts:

The screenshot above shows the Processes View in ControlUp with detailed I/O metrics, emphasizing irregular consumption of storage resources by specific processes.

ControlUp 4.0 includes other exciting features such as throttling processes CPU, Mobile app push notifications and integration with 3rd party ticketing systems. You can read about the other new features on the ControlUp web site blog section –