Citrix NetScaler, the industry’s most advanced cloud networking platform, achieved another award, and was selected the  2014 winner in the Microsoft Exchange Load Balancing Category of the Readers Choice Awards.

NetScaler is the world’s most advanced application delivery controller for mobile and web infrastructure.  NetScaler optimizes, secures and controls the delivery of enterprise and cloud services while also maximizing the experience for all users. NetScaler is well established as the industry’s leading internet delivery system, touching an estimated 75 percent of internet users each day.  Citrix builds on this leadership to provide the world’s most advanced cloud networking platform, giving customers a single, integrated solution that brings the elasticity, simplicity and expandability of the cloud to any network

“Our Reader’s Choice Awards give visitors to our site the opportunity to vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category,” said Sean Buttigieg, manager. “ users are specialists in their field who encounter various solutions for Exchange Server at the workplace.  Their vote serves as a solid peer-to-peer recommendation of the winning product.” conducts regular polls to discover which product is preferred by Exchange administrators in a particular category of third party solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server. The awards draw a huge response per category and are based entirely on the visitors’ votes. users can submit their votes for the current Readers’ Award poll in the site’s right-hand bar.

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Organizations rely on Microsoft for a broad array of business applications, from inventory and customer relations to collaborative work tools. Citrix NetScaler is the perfect delivery solution for your Microsoft applications.  NetScaler offers seamless compatibility with your infrastructure via configuration templates for key Microsoft applications. Set-up wizards, and AppExpert templates make integrating and configuring NetScaler with Microsoft technologies easy. These extensible templates provide pre-configured policies for advanced optimizations like caching and compression. Even replicate the exact configurations your business needs by modifying existing templates.  NetScaler has been validated to enhance the user experience with these applications, whether they are accessed locally or across the globe.

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You are probably wondering why NetScaler for Microsoft Exchange?  Here are some of the top benefits:

Ensure maximum uptime for Exchange

Netscaler ensures high availability for Exchange Server by leveraging load balancing and network optimization capabilities. It improves the efficiency of server and network resources. Exchange requests will only be directed to healthy resources capable of completing the user’s request.

Improve Exchange performance

Improve the performance of Exchange by applying caching, compression and TCP connection optimization with NetScaler. This helps reduce the amount of data sent to users, resulting in significantly faster response times. It also reduces bandwidth requires to improve the end-user experience for a faster and more responsive Exchange.

Enhance security

NetScaler application firewall ensures the safety of your email environment by offering monitoring and access control for your Exchange environment. With advanced attack protection, NetScaler secures Exchange from outside threats and protects confidential data and sensitive communications. The application firewall also protects the environment on any device anywhere, including mobile clients.

NetScaler is available for trial. Try it free, and allow our networking experts to show you why Microsoft applications require NetScaler for optimal delivery! It’s a must have!

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