Dell SC R720xdAlthough the benefits of desktop and app virtualization far outweigh the challenges …

The solution can still be somewhat complex to purchase, deploy and manage.  When an enterprise moves from a physical desktop IT infrastructure to one that capitalizes on virtualization, many different things come into play that the IT department hasn’t typically had to consider (Such as licensing, special server configurations, storage considerations, etc.).

Citrix and Dell have been working together for several years to help make this transition easier.

But, we won’t be satisfied until a customer can snap his or her fingers and the solution is ready to go.  In all probability, we’re at least a few months away from that scenario.  Still, improvements are constantly being made.

To get us closer to finger-snapping nirvana, Dell launched an appliance solution today.

It is specifically tailored for desktop virtualization.  Dubbed the Wyse Datacenter Appliance Architecture, the solution leverages the new Dell XC Series of web-scale converged appliances that combines server and storage hardware technology with Nutanix software-defined storage into a single chassis.  When utilized with Citrix XenDesktop, the Wyse Datacenter Appliance Architecture provides the following benefits to customers looking to make move to desktop and app virtualization:

  • Easy purchasing and deployment:

    As simple and fast to purchase and deploy as Dell laptops; you can get the maximum number of seats up and running in a matter of hours instead of days.

  • Predictable scaling costs

    You purchase the solution as a single unit with compute and storage for a fixed number of seats, with three available levels of performance. This lets you grow incrementally with pay-as-you-grow, scale-out expansion. As your organization grows you can add additional units to increase seats or scale up to a different configuration to increase performance.

  • Simplified management

    Monitor and manage your virtual desktop deployment through a unified management console.

The Wyse Datacenter Appliance Architecture continues Dell’s and Citrix’s long-standing goal of providing the best time-to-value end-to-end desktop and app virtualization solutions for our customers.  Citrix commends Dell on launching this important solution and we are very much looking forward to working with them on providing further enhancements.  Snap!