HP Moonshot for XenDesktop

When the moon hits your eye like a big idea oh my that’s innovation…Or something like that.

Earlier in the year at Citrix Synergy 2014, I had a standing room only session where we presented the Moonshot for XenDesktop offering for the fist time and also talked about the new XenApp for Moonshot demo we just showed in the keynote earlier that day . One of the ideas we demonstrated during my session was the XenDesktop and HP Moonshot wizard for creating pooled physical desktops and also controlling power management for pooled physical desktops.

Currently XenDesktop uses the HCL function

To talk to the hypervisor management stack like System Center 2012R2 Virtual Machine Manager to provision virtual machines to and also control power of those virtual machines on HyperV. In the case of HP Moonshot there is no hypervisor which means there is no management stack so the question is then how do you provision pooled physical bare-metal desktops to PVS and control power without the hypervisor and the management stack?

In comes the the XenDesktop SDK and PVS PowerShell to allow us to have the same provisioning and power management without the hypervisor or management stack. Since that Synergy session the master of the QuickShadow code and long time Citrite Ronn Martin @Ronn_Martin has been hard at work building a new version of the Moonshot Wizard that we would love for our customers using HP Moonshot and XenDesktop 7.1, 7.5, and 7.6 to test. Of course we test our code as well so a special thanks to Patrick Brennan from Citrix for being my wingman testing and improving the code all these months. I couldn’t have done this without ya! While this is a great innovation concept between Citrix and HP it is not part of the native Citrix PVS or Studio console and is therefore considered unsupported. However, we welcome any feedback and will do our best to answer any technical questions that may arise using the forum link below.

The Moonshot Setup wizard for PVS can be downloaded using the url below:

Update 05/22/2015

We have a new set of tools that are available now! These tools have been tested on a moonshot chassis with m700 and m710 cartridges with the HP CM release version 1.3.0 and chassis firmware 4.6.0. Any other previous or newer release has not been tested at the time of updating this article.

updated: 3/15/2016

Note: This new release has been tested ONLY with PVS 7.6 and XenDesktop 7.6 VDA without Citrix Feature Packs. All other previous Citrix PVS and XenDesktop releases were not tested. Please report any issues using the URL forum at the end of this article.

Link to download Version 1 tools for 7.6 with no hotfixes

Moonshot Wizard V1 Tools

Link to download Version 1 tools for 7.6 and Hotfix2 only

Moonshot Wizard V1 Tools Hotfix2 only

  • Additional setup and troubleshooting guides courtesy of @Ronn_Martin

Note the YouTube video below is from a previous November 2014 version, but may still be helpful.

XenDesktop and HP Moonshot Wizard YouTube Demo

The  XenDesktop HP Moonshot tools provided  are not currently Citrix supported tools. Use of these tools should be tested carefully and  used in a lab environment. Any feedback or suggestions  should be entered into the following Citrix discussionsurl :


Thank you and we look forward to your feedback! @TonySanchez_CTX & @Ronn_Martin