With the recent widespread availability of smartphones and tablet devices digital mobile form submission is now a business reality.

This eliminates the costly, slow and error prone paper form process. ProntoForms improves the accuracy & speed of reporting data from the field and improves business tracking and reporting at the head office. Most companies save thousands of dollars a year per field worker by eliminating form printing & repeat data entry alone.


Provides a fully-customizable data collection platform.  It can be used for various business processes across many industries. Use ProntoForms to mobilize your inspection forms, work orders, sales orders, timesheets and more.


Is an enterprise file-sharing and cloud storage service that allows users to store and exchange large files with people both inside and outside of their organization.

With integration of ProntoForms with Citrix ShareFile

Mobile form data collected in the field with ProntoForms can be submitted and routed to a ShareFile account. Data can be shared with a team or clients, or kept private. ProntoForms can optionally route data to a folder, or a new folder can be dynamically created based on data submitted. The destination implementation supports the ShareFile MetaData API, which allows the ProntoForms admin to configure data captured in mobile forms to be written as file metadata in the ShareFile system.

ProntoForms can also be linked to a ShareFile account as a Data Source. Data hosted in ShareFile (such as price lists, parts lists, customer contact info, etc.) becomes available for input in mobile forms on the ProntoForms App. Additionally, with the ShareFile User Group Data Source; ShareFile Distribution Groups allow admins to organize groups of other users.

ProntoForms enables media-rich and error-free data collection in the field on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile forms improve productivity, minimize data entry errors, and enhance data quality, helping businesses realize significant time and cost savings. Easily generate real-time reports and connect field data to the systems and services you already use.

We are pleased to announce ProntoForms as Citrix Ready for Citrix ShareFile.

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Technical Contact(s): 

Glenn Chenier – gchenier@prontoforms.com