Citrix Workspace Suite integrates many of our most popular products including XenDesktop, XenApp, ShareFile, and XenMobile, into one solution. Wondering how to prepare your team with the knowledge needed for a successful Workspace Suite implementation? The Citrix Education Workspace Suite course is for you! Here are 8 reasons to enroll today:

1.  Four products, one course–A Citrix Education first, you can learn all the skills needed to deploy and manage XenDesktop, XenApp, ShareFile, and XenMobile in one course!

2.  Learn from an expert – Mark Simmons, one of only nine Master Citrix Certified Instructors in the US, is on deck to teach.  Mark has been teaching Citrix courses for over a decade, and has won “Citrix Instructor of the Year” multiple times.

Master CCI Mark Simmons

3.  New classroomsWe think it only makes sense for a brand new course to be held in brand new classrooms. Located at Citrix headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and recently remodeled with the latest and greatest technology to facilitate learning, attendees of the Workspace Suite class will cut the ribbon on our new classroom!

4.  Networking – In this case, we’re not talking NetScaler. Here’s what one of our students said about our attending a Citrix Education course:

“Along with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Citrix products, Citrix Education classes are the perfect opportunity to meet and collaborate with Citrix professionals from across the country. I value the in-class discussion as much as the book learning itself.” – Thomas McNeill, IT Systems Analyst

5.  Citrix Education works! – We surveyed a few thousand of our recent students, and 93% said taking a course made them more effective once they got back to work. Coupled with the fact that 79% of them told us they received a complete ROI in Education in six months or less, and you can feel confident that investing in maximizing your team’s knowledge will pay big dividends.

6.  Discounted pricingThis two-week course has limited-time pricing of $8,000 USD, a 20% discount from the standard price of two weeks of Citrix training. 

7.  You’ll be in South Florida.  In January. – The first class will be held from January 26th through February 6th. While most of the country will be in a deep freeze, the average January temperature in Ft. Lauderdale is 75 degrees. Did I mention the view below is 10 minutes away?

8. Private engagements available – If you have five or more team members that need Workspace Suite training, Citrix Education will come to your site to deliver the course.

Ready to enroll, or have questions about the class? Leave your contact information on this form, and a Citrix Education representative will be in touch to help.