Earlier this year, Citrix released DesktopPlayer for Mac, a client virtualization solution that allows users to run Windows virtual desktops locally on Mac devices. DesktopPlayer works with XenDesktop to give users the freedom to use their corporate or BYO MacBook in the workplace by providing access to their desktops, apps and data anywhere, anytime – whether they are online, offline, or even experiencing poor connectivity. Users can work on their MacBooks by running DesktopPlayer and then switch to any device by running XenDesktop with ongoing synchronization of user profiles and data between local and hosted virtual desktops for a seamless experience.

At the same time, IT can control and secure DesktopPlayer devices through the Citrix Synchronizer, the central management server that provides capabilities such as image management, patching and updating, role-based policy management, and security controls. Since the Synchronizer also manages laptops and PCs running Citrix XenClient, IT can use a single console to centrally deploy and manage a golden image across both Windows and Mac devices.

Citrix has been working hard over the past few months to build upon the initial release of DesktopPlayer by incorporating capabilities to enhance the user experience and manageability of the solution. Today, Citrix is pleased to announce the general availability of Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.2! DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.2 delivers enhanced control and security to IT while improving the experience for end users.

What’s New in DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.2?

The DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.2 release includes deployment and scalability improvements, broader guest and host operating system support, and a more native user experience. The latest version of Desktop Player for Mac includes:

Enhanced security and control

  • Synchronizer Roaming enables DesktopPlayer devices to communicate with the closest Synchronizer server for greater scalability, seamless deployments and faster updates
  • Application Signing increases security for IT and makes the DesktopPlayer installation faster and easier for users since it is Apple trusted software

Improved user experience

  • Mac OS X Yosemite support lets users experience the hottest new Apple operating system
  • Guest support for Windows 8.1 allows users to run the latest Windows technology on their MacBooks
  • Support for Native Resolution in Mac OS X lets DesktopPlayer users navigate to and from full screen mode by expanding the window just like other Mac apps

To learn more about Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac, download and evaluate it in your environment for free or visit the DesktopPlayer product page.

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