Introducing the Newest Members of our Services Sales Team

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Support Sales Team Americas
Americas Support Sales Team Event - Fort Lauderdale 2014

Due to increase demand for direct services from Citrix and our desire to inform both customers and partners of all service options, we have expanded the services sales to support that demand.

As we enter the 4th Quarter and Holiday season for 2014, the team has grown to 40 enthusiast specialists that are passionate about our customers and our community.

  1. We have four teams broken out into 7 major areas.  
  2. We have 20 specialist focused on the Americas commercial spaces.
    (West Coast, Central, North East, and Southeast)
  3.  We have a team that handles solutions for the Public and State and local government customers. 
  4. We have team that manages Canada and LAC customer needs.

What is the best way to utilize your assigned services specialist?

For most customers, we handle annual renewals of current support agreements.  We can also help you navigate the process of getting support directly from Citrix and/or adding world class Services like our Technical Relationship Management program.  The specialist leverage your current buying power to drive Return on Investment of support spend.

Because we communicate with Customers on a quarterly basis, we have trained the specialists to discuss and inform our customers on Consulting and Training solutions offered by Citrix. All the data tells us that customers who utilize these services become more efficient and effective managing their Citrix environments.

We also have fun and contribute to the community.

October 3rd of this year was a great example, a large part of the team volunteered for a beach clean-up near Ft. Lauderdale. This is typical of how we operate on the services sales team.

As we work through Q4 and into 2015, we’re very excited about the impact we can now have helping our customers maximize their Citrix environments!

Please let us know any feedback or contact us Citrix Support Sales Americas for any questions or assistance.