Here’s a bit of a (rhetorical) quiz. If you’re deploying desktop virtualization across multiple locations – branch, mobile, office – what would you deem one of the basic requirements to make it a measurable success? The list could get pretty exhaustive here but surely the ultimate end game – above and beyond all others – would have to be performance? The whole goal has to be focused on maintaining or, even better, improving the desktop experience for both mobile and branch workers. If it doesn’t make something better, or at least keep it ‘at-best’ why bother? So far that seems pretty clear.

The problem is that as server and desktop virtualization needs increase, so in turn does the volume of users actually accessing applications and data remotely – either from branch offices or remotely on-to-go with their mobile devices. This can create real havoc with overall WAN performance, resulting in expensive – and unnecessary – bandwidth updates. Why? Because simply upgrading the network bandwidth increases costs and doesn’t actually give a diagnosis for any underlying performance issues (think congestion, distance, latency or application protocol behavior). Where upgrading also falls short is it won’t provide insight into the affected applications, nor give prioritization when it comes to mission critical tasks. Go big or go home? Maybe it’s just time to get smarter.

Think about it this way. Upgrading is really just the equivalent of applying the band aid to the cut or graze so we can’t see it anymore. It’s not actually treating anything. In this case it’s just causing another headache for the IT manager. Seriously, here’s a team that’s already overloaded with juggling multiple branch sites and responding to a consistent stream of new demands from managing cloud-based to locally hosted applications, also ensuring delivery of desktops and applications over long distances. Phew! The reality is that for these tasks, there are in fact very few legacy WAN optimization solutions that can perform them. No surprise then that, according to IDG research, 67% of IT managers at organizations currently using a WAN optimization solution plan to upgrade it within the next two years*.

This is where Citrix Cloudbridge can help. Simply put, Cloudbridge can help connect and accelerate applications, optimize bandwidth utilization and provide much needed visibility into application performance to ensure the user experience is exactly where it should be. CloudBridge can help enterprises to augment their datacenter with the infinite capacity and elastic efficiency provided by public cloud providers while also simplifying branch office networks without sacrificing service delivery. Read this blog for a recap on the latest and greatest highlights of the CloudBridge 7.3 release.

Turning WAN optimization conversations in to opportunities

Enough with the band-aid approach – it’s time to give IT one less headache and address WAN optimization opportunities head on. Wondering where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve done all the heavy-lifting for you and created two all-new CloudBridge partner marketing campaigns that will help you drive demand and fill your pipeline.

Available now, these new campaigns will help you kick-start your marketing efforts, sparking discussions that are backed with smart business benefits led insights, 3rd party data and valuable analysis that helps customers evaluate their best solution when conducting their search for a comprehensive network infrastructure solution. Where can you get all of these materials? In Citrix Marketing Concierge – a free, partner exclusive resource where you can create customized, integrated campaigns directly from your desktop, complete with lead tracking capability. Kits come fully loaded with landing pages, pre-built templates, whitepapers, case studies, 3rd party reports by the Tolly group and more. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these three simple steps to access the kits today:

  1. Launch Citrix Marketing Concierge using your Citrix credentials
  2. Select Campaign Center and filter by key play “Networking: Attach”
  3. Choose your preferred marketing campaign and you’re good to go!

Targeted resources at your fingertips

Citrix Marketing Concierge is a great resource for find all the materials you need to create your own email marketing kits, webinars and seminars. Don’t forget – we also make it easier for your organization to get found and stand out with our social and web content syndication program. Discover how you can benefit from ready to launch, pre-written social posts and web assets that you can use today to turn your website in to a lead-generating machine.

Finally, if you’re looking for sales enablement materials to support your broader networking conversations, check out the great new pages in Citrix SalesIQ. These sections are dedicated to pulling together all of the latest content by key play, whichever stage of the sales cycle you’re in.

Remember – all of these resources are available to our partners free of charge, 24/7.

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*Source – Network World Market Pulse report “Long-distance IT: Driving Efficiency in Remote Offices”