This week, NetApp and Cisco are announcing a FlexPod data center solution that integrates NVIDIA GRID and Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology, which provides the ability to deliver a fast, interactive high-definition 3D graphical experience to geologists and geophysicists on a variety of devices.

Why is this important?

This announcement illustrates how far business mobility has advanced beyond the concept of providing access to standard business applications on smartphones and tablets. It’s a milepost on the journey to mobilize oil and gas companies–and their workers, regardless of location– not to mention other businesses that depend on collaborating with geology and geophysics applications that include 3D models and 2D drawings.

With HDX 3D Pro technology deployed over FlexPod Datacenter, a converged compute, networking and storage platform developed by Cisco and NetApp, oil and gas companies can extend mobile geology and geophysics application access to engineers and crew chiefs on, for example, an oil drilling platform. Now they can collaborate using vital data models that allow them to accurately see the earth’s subsurface to safely and productively drill wells that are miles beneath the surface of the earth, even when that surface is at the bottom of the ocean.

Before Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology on FlexPod Datacenter, using these applications and data required bringing a copy of the data set on site, along with a high-performance workstation that could process it, an expensive and risky process. The options for collaborating with these giant subsurface data models were limited to e-mail, FTP, and physical media such as USB thumb drives —cumbersome and asynchronous methods that fail to support real-time 3D collaboration, and likely violate security policies.

With HDX 3D Pro technology deployed on FlexPod Datacenter, teams can collaborate using geology and geophysics applications across tremendous distances, streamlining the decision-making process and boosting productivity. The data remains secure because only screen pixels representing the models are shared across the networks, dramatically reducing the chance of unauthorized copying or distribution of proprietary files.

Oil and gas companies can rapidly deploy Citrix HDX Pro technology on FlexPod Datacenter because it has been pretested and validated to work together as an infrastructure solution stack. This qualification process has included testing with geology and geophysics applications and datasets from leading oil and gas exploration technology providers like Schlumberger, Halliburton Landmark and Paradigm.

This advancement is a tested solution designed to solve a key challenge facing the oil and gas industry that shows just how far business mobility has advanced beyond accessing email and business apps on a smartphone.  Citrix XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro on FlexPod Datacenter is freeing graphics app users to work on any device, literally anywhere, including the deep oceans.