Timm Brochhaus and Helge Klein (Citrix Technology Professional) have just founded the Virtualization Community North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). You can find them on Facebook.

Timm and Helge are looking to attract people from the greater Cologne area (NRW stands for North Rhine-Westphalia, the state Cologne belongs to), to take attend and speak at regular local events on Citrix, VMware and other virtualisation technologies.

The first meeting of VCNRW is scheduled for the evening of the November 13th 2014: Registration and details here.

Why such a localised group?

Efficiency! Helge and Timm are keen to offer regular opportunities for the large local community to meet-up without the need to lose a day’s work or spend time and money on travel to do so.

A local group in the Big German Citrix Family!

Citrix is a market leader in Germany and hugely popular. As such there is enormous demand from partners, customers and consultants for training and Citrix Technology events. There are simply so many Citrix users and experts in Germany that is possible to run such a localised regional group.

The changing boundaries of Germany – Fascinating!

When I heard about this new group, I remembered watching an amazing video of the changing boundaries of Europe, see here. Germany has such a large economy, strong in financial, manufacturing and most verticals. As such our German customers are some of the most demanding and their needs can be very specialised and geographic dictated by hugely localised economic, geographic and regional legislation and politics. To understand how diverse the region is, do watch the political boundaries video, for hundreds of years the German region has been constantly evolving and had a long history of regional and city legislation and governance (check out what was going on in 1608!).

Helge and Timm are very keen to emphasise that their group is designed to be complementary to existing German Users groups and communities and they are enthusiastic about the new German Speaking User group covering Switzerland, Austria and Germany; which you can learn, about here.

Citrix ourselves think these groups are fantastic and encourage all members to also consider attending our Citrix Technology Exchange – Munich (see here for details), a mini-Synergy tailored for Germany. I’ll be there myself covering Citrix XenDesktop, HDX 3D Pro and how to give great graphics demos.

VCNRW – Event Details:

Donnerstag, 13. November 2014, von 19:30 Uhr bis 22:30 Uhr (MEZ)

Köln, Deutschland

SBC, VDI, RDS, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, XenApp, XenDesktop, Horizon View – wenn das für Dich mehr als nur Schlagwörter sind, wenn Du Dich dazu austauschen möchtest und hören willst, wie andere die Architektur angehen, wie sie die Implementierung anpacken oder mit Problemen im Betrieb umgehen, dann ist dieses Treffen wie für Dich gemacht.


Wir treffen uns in gemütlicher Runde im Séparée eines netten Gasthauses. Nach einer kurzen Vorstellung beginnt der Abend mit einem Vortrag. Daran schließt sich eine Diskussionsrunde an: Welche Erfahrungen haben die Teilnehmer gemacht? Welche Ansätze sind empfehlenswert, was sollte eher gemieden werden? Das Treffen klingt aus mit individuellen Gesprächen und der Möglichkeit zum Networking.


Das Thema des ersten Treffens: Automatisierung. Timm Brochhaus, sepago, hält einen Vortrag über die automatisierte Erzeugung und Konfiguration von Citrix-Farmen per PowerShell.

Aktuelle Informationen und Kontaktmöglichkeiten gibt es auf unserer Facebook-Seite oder per Twitter.

Note: If you are a German speaker, do follow our German speaking team members if you’d prefer information in Deutsch: Gaby, Roland, Ronald, Christian, Peter and many others blog in German and will answer enquiries in English or German…