Command Center 5.2 first Maintenance Release is here with a whole set of brand new features. This release focuses on bringing the CloudBridge Management Support to another level with AutoConfiguration and Single Bundle Upgrade features.

AutoConfiguration automates Initial Discovery process & eases Configuration Management using Command Center. The whole idea of Auto-configuration is to offload CloudBridge device management from Branch to Datacenter administrator. This feature brings following key enhancements to the table:


  • Automates the process of branch device discovery and registration on Command Center.

Configuration Management:

  • The Datacenter administrator can plan branch device configuration management using the IP address or serial number before discovery.
  • This way the process of device management can happen at one instance without waiting for devices to get discovered first.
  • Command Center will retain the mapping of configuration done earlier and execute as the devices gets auto-discovered.

More details available in the Product Documentation

Single Bundle Upgrade: Now with a simple built-in task under Configuration Management you can upgrade all the components of CloudBridge Advance Platform.

This release also adds new features like, addition to AAA support suit with Open LDAP support, Ability to forward Audit logs details of Command Center to External Syslog Server and Ability to customize columns under device inventory. Beyond these key features, there is set of usability enhancements done to ensure better user experience. The key highlights from the list are; focus on bringing up the usability of Execution log of Configuration Management Module, Device Inventory Interface and Server Dashboard of Monitoring.

List of New Features in Command Center 5.2 MR1:

  • CloudBridge AutoConfiguration
  • Single Bundle Upgrade for CloudBridge Advanced Platform Support
  • Open LDAP Support
  • Forward Command Center Audit Log data to External Syslog Server
  • Column Customization
  • Device Type Segregation under Device Inventory
  • Usability changes in Configuration Management Execution Log Interface
  • Associated Services details under Server Dashboard
  • Enhanced Password Policy
  • New Annotation Column under Device Inventory
  • Choose to ignore command failure and continue execution in Custom Tasks
  • New NetScaler & CloudBridge SNMP Trap Support

Download Command Center 5.2 Build 41.14

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