XenApp 6.5 administrators used the Access Management Console to provide information about the patch level of the product on a per server basis. Customers need a way to understand how to maintain and troubleshoot their FMA environments. Because of the quantity, variety, and life cycle of VDAs in the FMA, XenDesktop needs a central and scalable patch inventory system for sites.

Existing enterprise customers address quality issues in their environments by installing hotfixes. They need the ability to inventory XenDesktop product versions and patches for support, troubleshooting, and compliance. This inventory needs to be available for any controllers and VDAs on the site and should not depend upon VDAs being online.

Details of hotfix installed on any user session

When a VDA user has an issue, and if the administrator wants to see if the issue might be because of a missing hotfix on the VDA, there is no easy way to find that out, prior to XD 7.6. But with XD 7.6, Director provides the administrator with a view of the current Citrix hotfixes that are installed on a specific machine (physical or VM) VDA, so that he/she can manually determine if this machine has the correct hotfixes installed.

In Director 7.6, the User Details view now has an extra hotfix section displaying all the hotfixes installed on the machine for that user on machine details panel.

Details of Hotfixes Installed on Any Machine

When a machine has an issue or fails, and if the administrator wants to see if the issue might be because of a missing hotfix on the machine, similarly, it was difficult to find that out prior to XenDesktop/XenApp 7.6. But with XD 7.6, the administrator can see what hotfixes are installed on a particular machine to ensure all the required hotfixes are installed on the machine. Also detailed information about the hotfix such as version, KB article is displayed.

In Director 7.6, when administrator searches for a particular machine and lands on Machine Details view, there is a hotfix panel which provides details about hotfixes installed. Details displayed include component, component version, hotfix name, hotfix file name, link to Knowledge Center article and effective date.

Machine details page:

Hotfixes panel:

Director 7.6 solves the simple question of “what hotfixes are installed on my machine”.

Sample Code

In order to determine the hotfixes installed on the controllers or a list of all hotfixes installed on your VDAs, you will need to create a custom report. To create the report, refer to the blog on how to get started. Once you’ve figured out LINQPad, here is some sample code to do this:

void Main()
A number of hotfixes can be applied to (or removed from) each individual machine in the site.
This association is reflected in the MachineHotfixLogs table.

The following query presents the hotfix information for the site,
filtered by install state, change type and machine role
grouped by machine name.

MachineName – Machine name where the hotfix is applied
ComponentName – Citrix component the hotfix applies to
ComponentVersion – Citrix component version the hotfix applies to
HotfixName – Hotfix name
HotfixInstallDate- Indicates when the hotfix was detected as installed

var HotfixList = from mhl in MachineHotfixLogs
mhl.CurrentState == true &&
mhl.ChangeType == Convert.ToInt32(HotfixChangeType.Add) &&
mhl.Machine.MachineRole == Convert.ToInt32(MachineRole.Vda)
orderby mhl.Machine.Name
select new {
MachineName = mhl.Machine.Name,
ComponentName = mhl.Hotfix.ComponentName,
ComponentVersion = mhl.Hotfix.ComponentVersion,
HotfixName = mhl.Hotfix.Name,
HotfixInstalled = mhl.ModifiedDate


/// Enum to determine whether a hotfix was added or removed.
public enum HotfixChangeType
/// Added
Add = 1,
/// Removed
Remove = 0

/// Enum to determine where machine is VDA or DDC
public enum MachineRole
/// Vda machine
Vda = 0,
/// Ddc machine
Ddc = 1,
/// Machine acting as VDA and DDC
Both = 2


In Director 7.6, you now have the ability to see what hotfixes are installed on a particular machine through the Machine Details view or the User’s Details view. Look for us to continue to provide better reporting around this Hotfix Inventory feature.