In May 2013, Josh Fleming, Lisa Green and I co-authored the 1st Edition of our Reference Architecture for Director and EdgeSight.  As XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 released in September, we thought we’d update the document with more helpful morsels and the 2nd Edition of the paper was created.

As we move from the EdgeSight console to Director as our troubleshooting pane of glass, many questions arise.  This article will bring to light the functionality that is gained with a complete Director/EdgeSight/Insight monitoring solution.

The monitoring team has provided a simple document that walks you through the design, setup and functionality of our updated monitoring suite.  Providing this door-to-door monitoring solution provides administrators the depth of knowledge that they crave. It also provides the Help Desk with visibility that could be assist in supporting end users.

Lastly, I wanted to let you know about a blog entry that Lisa Green wrote.  It highlights “What’s New in Director 7.6“.  We have also included Appendix 2 of our paper that highlights some useful links.  We hope you enjoy the update.

Happy Monitoring…again!

Download the white paper