OSX 10.10Upgrading to Mac OSX 10.10? Citrix is pleased to announce the tech preview release of Receiver for Mac 11.9 for evaluation and feedback. This version is designed for use with the just released Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite).

Click here to try Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview today.

Use the Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview Forum  to provide feedback or ask questions.

Along with OSX 10.10 support, the Tech Preview also includes some great new features:

  • Native Full-Screen and Spaces Support. Receiver for Mac 11.9 gives users a native OS X full-screen experience. Users can now set Receiver for Mac to work in full-screen mode across multiple monitors, and continue to use Mac OS X Spaces. A new menu option, Use All Displays In Full Screen, is available to achieve this.  Previous versions of Receiver for Mac required the users to modify the ‘Displays have separate Spaces” policy.
  • Enhanced Citrix Viewer. The Citrix Viewer provides a built-in toolbar that extends virtual desktop functionality for physical desktop commands such as Ctrl-Alt-Del. With Receiver for Mac 11.9 , the Citrix Viewer toolbar has been radically simplified to just three buttons – Ctrl-Alt-Del, Preferences, and Disconnect – to more closely align to Receiver for Windows.
  • Improved logging. In this Receiver for Mac release, Citrix has introduced more granular logging control to help expedite troubleshooting and issue resolution. 

The Tech Preview is design to support Mac OS X 10.7 thru 10.10. Refer to Receiver for Mac eDocs for basic configuration guidelines. Your feedback will help make 11.9 the best ever Receiver for Mac.