Graphics-Rich Applications and Visual Computing

In recent times, we’ve seen graphics-rich applications and visual computing go from being the exception to more of the rule.

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Graphically intense applications are in use every day in the modern workspace, by CAD/CAM engineers, designers, doctors, artists, scientists, architects and many other industry professionals spanning a variety of vertical segments.

We’ve seen a number of experts discuss this rising trend of the proliferation of 3D apps, driven by mobile devices, games and the use of better graphics in a variety of applications.

Until recently, however, these users have been unable to benefit from the many advantages of desktop virtualization due to complexities inherent to these highly intense and immense applications when paired with virtualization.

Now, with the strategic partnership between Citrix, Cisco and Nvidia

Departments requiring the use of 3D graphics can finally enjoy the many benefits of desktop virtualization on any device and anywhere, without sacrificing a true graphics workstation experience. Indeed, virtualized GPUs can change the landscape of the virtual desktop market.

The timing is better than ever as a whole host of ISVs  are certifying rich graphical 3D and CAD/AEC applications such as  Adobe Photoshop, ERSI ArcGIS, Siemens NX and Teamcenter, Autodesk applications and PTC Creo.

Reap the Benefits of Virtualization

To provide this unparalleled experience allowing graphics professionals to reap the benefits of virtualization, Citrix, Cisco and NVIDIA have developed a solution bringing together the latest advances in Cisco UCS 240 M3 Rack Servers, Citrix XenDesktop 7.5, NVIDIA GRID K1 and K2 Graphics Cards and Citrix XenServer 6.2. For history, Cisco also published a solutions brief late last year detailing how to Gain High-Performance Virtual Desktops with uncompromised 3D Graphics Experiences delivered by Citrix, Cisco and NVIDIA.

Cisco, Citrix and NVIDIA spent months collaborating to develop prescribed guidance for building such an optimized, all inclusive architecture from the hardware up.  The solution is detailed in a recently released Whitepaper entitled “Cisco UCS C240-M3 Rack Server with NVIDIA GRID GPU cards on Citrix XenServer 6.2 and XenDesktop 7.5” and can be downloaded here.  For an abridged summary of the solution, its major components, and configuration details, please refer to the blog

Cisco has been a key partner for both NVIDIA and Citrix, developing and optimizing new hardware platforms particularly suited to graphical workloads and HDX technologies. In this design, UCS provides full length, full powered NVIDIA GRID cards, UCS Manager integration for inherent management capabilities of the GRID cards and servers, integration with Cisco UCS end-to-end management suite and highly efficient rack space for an optimal form factor. Cisco UCS offers many benefits in this set up and are proving quite popular, as evidenced by the IDC report that Cisco’s achieves the top rank in the Americas x86 Blade Server Market and named No. 1 in revenue marketshare.

This solution represents another cornerstone …

Joint solutions across desktop virtualization, cloud networking, cloud services and mobile workspaces. For more information on our partnership, please refer to an article written by Rakesh Narasimhan, Citrix VP/GM for Desktops and Apps, where he reiterates the success, close collaboration and value of our partnership.  Steve Blacklock, Sr. Director of Alliances at Citrix, also summarizes key advancement across our alliance pillars in his blog (Available here).

Citrix, Cisco and NVIDIA are committed to driving unparalleled innovation and experiences for our partners and customers. With the intersection of virtualization with graphically-intense applications and the steadfast momentum of our ever-growing strategic alliance, the possibilities are endless.