FotoIN is an automated solution for photo capturing, documenting and filing to customers’ own storage repositories, cloud or in house. Field workers use the FotoIN mobile app to snap, tag and annotate photos, automatically capture GPS, date, time, device, address, project info, and app embeds it all into the photos as metadata for easy filing, searching and photo documentation management.

FotoIN Mobile has automated capture, annotating, uploading and cataloguing of site photos in Construction, Property Management, Real Estate sales, Insurance, Merchandising etc. and used for documenting “as built” conditions, Quality Control and Warranty disputes, regular Inspections, move in and move out walks, planogram creation and monitoring.

FotoIN Mobile is now integrated with Citrix ShareFile as one of the storage providers. This will enable companies with field workers to automatically upload, organize, file and sync the photos into their selected folder on a company’s business system or preferred cloud file storage provider.

Field photo documentation with FotoIN and direct sync and file with ShareFile saves times, reduces costs, enhances faster collaboration, and provides sync from any site and access anywhere.

With FotoIn users can:

  • Snap, tag and annotate photos on any smart device
  • Auto capture GPS, date, time, project info
  • Embedded field info for easy photo and report search
  • Easy and quick Photo-centric Reports

Integrated with ShareFile:

  • Automated filing of photos & reports to the right folder
  • Access & share photos & reports anytime, anywhere
  • Secure SSAE 16 audited datacenters and AES 256-bit encryption
  • Tracking, email alerts, granular folder permissions
  • Professionally custom-branded, password-protected space

It’s easy to manage brand, folder hierarchy, settings, use across devices, capture, tag and annotate photos for each construction on site. FotoIN embeds the info into the photo together with location and time stamp, and automatically syncs it to your Citrix ShareFile account.

We are pleased to announce FotoIN Mobile as Citrix Ready for Citrix ShareFile.

Link to ShareFile:

Technical Contact(s): 

Sly Barisic –