Highlights of Support Articles – September 2014

Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for September 2014

Highlighted Apps, Desktops, and Client Virtualization Articles

CTX200200   Unable to Launch Applications from Firefox 30.0
CTX133773 Troubleshooting 1030 Error on Windows 7 Image
CTX139494 Citrix AppDNA Web Application Capture Tools
CTX200199 VMware vSphere 5.5 – Communication Issue from Studio Console
CTX200205 FAQ: EdgeSight 5.4 and XenDesktop 7.x VDA Support
CTX200203 Host to Client URL Redirection not Functioning with Windows Server 2012 and R2
CTX200212 Keyboard Input Fails in Citrix Session from Receiver for Mac with OSX 10.9.5
CTX137747 Hotfix DSCXAMx650W006 – For Citrix XenApp 6.5 AppCenter – English
CTX133411 Session Sharing Instances not Showing Correctly when using Internet Explorer 8 and Later
CTX200196 How to Configure the Management NIC and Inter-Process Communications PVS 6.0 and 6.1
CTX141408 iOS 8 and Citrix Receiver 5.9 Limited Operation
CTX200234 Error: “Changes made to policies outside of the console results in a discrepancy”
CTX132958 Unable to Uninstall the Macintosh Receiver Client
CTX200219 FAQ: XenApp 7.6 Support Migration Program
CTX133629 Embedded Windows Media Clips Fail to Play in Internet Explorer with VDA 5.x
CTX130110 How to Configure the Session Lingering Feature XenApp
CTX200211 FAQ: Where is the setting to enable multiple monitors?
CTX139041 Adding Virtual Machines Created by Machine Creation Services to New Catalog
CTX140941 Error: “Cannot be installed on this operating system….”
CTX141366 Machine Creation Service Virtual Machines not Isolated Correctly if Catalog is Deleted
CTX123182 How to Configure ICA Packet Size in a XenDesktop Environment

Highlighted DataCenter and Cloud Articles

CTX140764   Best Practices for using Open vSwitch with XenServer v6.0 – 6.2.0 Service Pack 1
CTX133053 High Load Average on XenServer After Joining the Pool
CTX140569 Managing the Number of Console Proxy Virtual Machines (CPVM) in CloudPlatform
CTX138049 How to Modify the Default System Offering for Virtual Router
CTX200215 Deployment Guide for CloudPortal Services Manager CU 5
CTX138382 How to Determine CloudPlatform Version
CTX134104 Error: “invalid URL to install files” when FTP Rolling Pool Upgrade

Highlighted Networking Articles

CTX200193   Client Certificate Authentication Prompt through NG Integrated with SF 2.5
CTX105390 Troubleshooting SSL Error 4 with Secure Gateway
CTX130241 Error: nsmap-Error getting location
CTX200220 Manual Configuration of XenMobile NetScaler Connector on the NetScaler
CTX130198 How to Configure an HSM Card on a FIPS-enabled NetScaler MPX Appliance
CTX200213 How to Upgrade LOM Firmware to the Latest 5k55_xxx Revision on NS Model Families 8xxx
CTX200214 How to Upgrade LOM Firmware to the Latest 22k_xxx Revision on NS
CTX117346 Slow Response to the Client Requests when USIP Mode is Enabled on a NetScaler Appliance

Highlighted Enterprise Mobility Articles

CTX139734   Upgrade and Migration Guide for XenMobile
CTX139040 Communication Ports for XenMobile
CTX200198 Wrapping Worx Apps for iOS 8
CTX200202 FAQ: iOS 8 Upgrade for XenMobile Customers
CTX200208 Best Practices Configuring License Server on XenMobile 9.x
CTX200221 Users Apps are not Enumerating from App Controller
CTX200209 FAQ – WorxWeb (iOS) Password Caching
CTX200210 FAQ – Wrapping Issues with iOS 8
CTX200216 Worx-Enabled Applications Data not Accessible

Highlighted Citrix Blogs

Citrix Blog   XenMobile and iOS 8
Citrix Blog Demystifying the ShareFile user provisioning process through XenMobile App Controller
Citrix Blog Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook – Printing
Citrix Blog Introducing ShareConnect: Your Desktop Apps and Files at Your Fingertips
Citrix Blog Mobility Master Class: Securing Data for EMM with XenMobile and ShareFile
Citrix Blog   Frequently Asked Questions from the What’s New in XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 webinar
Citrix Blog   Citrix Director Tool: Automated Daily and Weekly Report Emails
Citrix Blog   The Way to a Mobility Transformed Business: the Software-defined Workplace
Citrix Blog   Citrix Invests in Virtu.al for a Different Perspective

Most Liked Articles*

CTX200217   Citrix Security Advisory for GNU Bash Shellshock Vulnerabilities
CTX137494 Receiver Clean-Up Utility
CTX804493 Users Prompted to Download, Run, Open Launch.ica File, Instead of Launching Connection
CTX141408 iOS 8 and Citrix Receiver 5.9 Limited Operation
CTX136578 Google Chrome not Opening Launch.ica Files
CTX140111 Hotfix Rollup Pack 4 for Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
CTX116557 How to Decrypt SSL and TLS Traffic using Wireshark
CTX122442 Lifecycle Announcement for Citrix XenApp
CTX129229 Recommended Hotfixes for XenApp 6.x on Windows Server 2008 R2
CTX139788 XenServer 6.2.0 Service Pack 1
CTX139939 Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 – Citrix Known Issues
CTX135438 How to Suppress the Add Account Window in Citrix Receiver for Windows
CTX120285 User Profile Best Practices for XenApp
CTX140153 Troubleshooting Methodology for NetScaler, StoreFront with XenApp and/or XenDesktop
CTX141040 Hotfix XS602E035 – For XenServer 6.0.2
CTX129082 Application Launch Fails with Web Interface using Internet Explorer
CTX128909 XenDesktop Connection Process and Communication Flow
CTX132791 How to Apply a XenServer Hotfix Using the Command Line
CTX134341 How to Configure Citrix Receiver for Windows to Manually Add HTTP Stores
CTX200212 Keyboard Input Fails in Citrix Session from Receiver for Mac with OSX 10.9.5

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