NetScaler Web Application Firewall testing proves its strength in security effectiveness while providing lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per Protected Mbps to customers.  Here is the Security Value Map (SVM) that shows Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall as a leader in the upper right hand corner of this quadrant.  Details on how to read this SVM can also be found in this SVM download link as well.

NSS labs, Inc is the recognized leader in independent security research and testing.  This test was conducted free of charge at NSS facility in Austin Texas based on the Web Application Firewall Methodology available at  NSS did not receive any compensation in return for Citrix’s participation.

As noted in the NSS report, here are some of the key items on why Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall is a leader in the Recommended list:

Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall MPX 11520

Key Findings:

  • Using a tuned policy, the Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall MPX 11520 blocked 99.77% of WAF attacks.
  • The device proved effective against all evasion techniques tested.
  • The device also passed all stability and reliability tests.
  • The NetScaler AppFirewall MPX 11520 is rated by NSS at 46,282 connections per second (CPS), which is higher than the vendor-claimed performance.

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