Positioned to Win

To sell to business decision makers, it is important to demonstrate solutions that incorporate your entire technology product stack and, in the case of Citrix, our end-to-end solutions.

Your success will come from, not just selling products, but offering vertically-aligned solutions that support their organization’s strategy. It is knowing your customer’s industry and being able to communicate to each of them that you understand their industry, have assessed their needs and have the solutions that address their needs.

To achieve this, you have to be in position to win and that is having a fully functioning demo environment tailored for the specific sales scenario. Your demo environment must be profitable, scalable, engaging and customizable while giving your customers the opportunity to verify that what you’re demonstrating is what they need. Citrix has designed the Citrix Demo Center for its parters and sales teams that address these key considerations.

Making it happen at Summit 2015

Image of Partners at Sandbox during Synergy 2014

The Solutions Demo Sandbox—which debuts at Citrix Summit 2015, to be held January 13-14 in Las Vegas—leverages this advanced, easy to use and powerful cloud-based demonstration delivery platform.

We’ve designed the Sandbox to be that function at Summit to offer best practices for giving effective product demonstrations that will position you to land the deal. We’ll outline the strengths and competitive differentiators of Citrix solutions and provide tools necessary to respond to your customers specific challenges.

During these 90-minute, self-paced sessions, you will learn how to demonstrate Citrix solutions to your customers using a fully functioning demo environment that you can “virtually” leave behind, giving them the ability to take your demo for a spin and show it off to other decision makers after you’ve left.

The Sandbox opens on Tuesday, January 13, at 11:00 a.m. PST in XenCity.

Be sure to check the schedule and arrive early, as seats are limited.

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