Customized Receiver for Web Logon Page

Citrix is pleased to announce the initial version of the StoreFront Authentication SDK, following on from the StoreFront Web API and the StoreFront Store Customization SDK, opening up StoreFront as a platform for partners and customers to create the optimum solutions for their users.

This initial version focuses on customization of the Citrix Receiver Common Forms protocol, where credentials are explicitly provided by the end-user. Whilst there has always been to ability to perform minor customizations, the Authentication SDK describes and demonstrates how to design and implement an entire authentication conversation through a series of forms.

iOS Worx Home Customized Logon PageCitrix NetScaler Gateway will also soon release a version with the Citrix Receiver Common Forms protocol as a logon option, in addition to the current mechanisms. StoreFront 2.6 also sees the introduction of a new Citrix protocol called Delegated Forms Authentication, see here for more information. This allows Citrix NetScaler Gateway to securely delegate the form generation and response handling to another component, specifically StoreFront, when performing the new logon protocol.

At present, only the iOS Worx Home client can perform logon to the gateway using the Receiver Common Forms protocol, but the others will follow. Also, not all the native clients currently support all aspects of the Citrix Receiver Common Forms protocol, but again Citrix is working to resolve this.

The StoreFront 2.6 Receiver for Web fully supports customized forms.

The vision is that any customization created with the Authentication SDK can be used by: users internally accessing StoreFront, externally through NetScaler Access Gateway, and by both browser based and native clients, providing considerable reach to a single customization.

Customized Receiver for Windows logon page

In addition to extending the Authentication Service, the Authentication SDK also demonstrates how to extend the StoreFront Administration Console, to enable deployment and configuration of the customizations utilizing the Console.

Customized StoreFront Administration Console

All the built-in StoreFront authentication methods are built entirely using the Authentication SDK, using the mechanisms demonstrated in the samples, including adding new protocol methods to the Authentication Service, and the administrative interfaces in the Administration Console.

The Authentication SDK contains the following:

  • Documentation
  • An Authentication SDK overview document
  • The Receiver Common Forms Language and Form Generation documents
  • The Authentication Service API documents
  • Documents for each of the samples
  • Samples
    • The samples demonstrate building StoreFront packages and installers
    • Pre-built versions of the sample installers, ready to try out in StoreFront 2.6 deployments
    • Two Citrix Receiver Common Forms customization samples
    • A further sample demonstrating how to add a completely new authentication protocol
  • Tools
    • All the tools and reference assemblies required to build the samples

    The Authentication SDK can be downloaded below and look out for a dedicated area in the Citrix developer site, coming soon. The SDK has been developed with input from some Authentication Partners, so also look out for some exciting announcements from Partners in the near future.

    Download the StoreFront 2.6 Authentication SDK