XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 include a lot of exciting new features and enhancements. For a complete overview check out the following links –

If you’re looking for the latest design guidance on XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6, take a look at the Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook from Citrix Worldwide Consulting.

Updates include:

  • Connection Leasing – Provides an extra layer of fault tolerance by allowing users to connect to applications and desktops when the site database is unavailable. This design decision provides guidance on the expiration period and how much disk space should be reserved on the Delivery Controllers for storing the lease files.

Location: Design / Control Layer / Infrastructure Controllers / Database / Decision: Connection Leasing

  • Unauthenticated Access – Unauthenticated access allows users to access XenApp published desktops and applications via Citrix StoreFront without having to provide Active Directory domain credentials. This design decision provides guidance on the use case for this feature and how to choose the maximum number of anonymous user accounts required.

Location: Design / Access Layer / StoreFront / Decision: Unauthenticated Access

  • Session Prelaunch & Session Linger – Session prelaunch and session linger are XenApp 7.6 features designed to help users quickly access applications by starting sessions before they are requested (session prelaunch) and keeping user sessions active after a user closes all applications in a session (session linger). This design decision provides guidance on setting the maximum length of time unused prelaunched sessions are allowed to remain active or session are allowed to linger.

Location: Design / Control Layer / Resource Controllers / XenDesktop and Delivery Controllers / Decision: Session PreLaunch and Session Linger

  • Application Folders – Enables administrators to organize applications into logical groups. This design decision provides guidance on different strategies that can be used to organize applications into folders.

Location: Design / Resource Layer / Images / Decision: Application Folders

We hope that you find this new 7.6 design guidance useful. Use this link to provide us with feedback on any part of the Virtual Desktop Handbook.

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