Why would a managed services provider, hosting provider or telco choose the Citrix Service Provider Program to expand business?

25 reasons to join Citrix Service Provider Program for hosting desktops, apps, mobile device management and file share and synch

There are a host of sales, marketing, and technical benefits associated with the Citrix Service Provider program that service providers will find immediately valuable.  It’s the 25th birthday of Citrix Systems, so in honor of 25 years of Citrix, here are 25 of our favorite Citrix Service Provider program benefits.

  1. Flexibility to host complete mobile workspaces – hosted desktops, applications, mobile device management and file sharing – with  offer monthly service provider licensing
  2. Ability to host Citrix enabled services on a worldwide basis
  3. Fast entry into the quickly growing Desktops-as-a-Service market
  4. Extremely compelling and flexible monthly pricing
  5. Active subscriber pricing which can drive greater profitability
  6. Volume discounts
  7. No membership fee to join the program
  8. No upfront commitments or minimum purchase requirements
  9. Guaranteed pricing stability (12 month lock-in to pricing)
  10. Streamlined reporting process in sync with the Microsoft SPLA program
  11. DaaS platform proven at large scale
  12. Native hybrid cloud capabilities across any combination of private and public cloud platforms, regardless of physical or virtual infrastructure. (Plus no requirement for VPN connections with tenant datacenters or dedicated networks)
  13. Accurate and rapid reporting using Citrix technology tools*
  14. Right to offer free of charge 30-day end-user evaluations of hosted services
  15. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with greater server and user density in the data center
  16. High end-user satisfaction with any device, any time access and a high definition experience
  17. Access to design for best practices with Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture
  18. Access to the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence, an end-to-end business, sales, marketing and technical resource for growing a service provider business
  19. Complete sales training resources including training decks, reference cards and technical sales insights
  20. Turnkey marketing resources, including campaigns, datasheets and marketing tools
  21. Access to Citrix Marketing Concierge, a full-scale marketing system for managing email campaigns, webinars and roadshows with pre-set customizable campaigns
  22. Opportunity for design review with Citrix Service Provider Solution Architects
  23. Ability to use Citrix corporate logo and partner program logo
  24. Sales, marketing and technical resources in Citrix Partner Central
  25. Access to Citrix partner events such as Citrix Summit

Need to learn more? Talk to a Citrix Service Provider distributor about joining the Citrix Service Provider program or visit the Citrix Service Provider webpage for more information.

*(Premium level privilege)