Think back how many times in previous interviews have you been asked, Why do you want to work here?  Indeed a simple question enticing you to answer freely and as casual as possible, yet it can be prompted for any applicant at any level.  However, your response can be used to determine follow up questions kicking off your interview or considered a closing statement to conclude your interview.  If not prepared, someone may answer, “I’m an engineer and there’s an opening here.”  Though obvious, the opportunity presented is meant to enable you and showcase who you are, what you are and what you offer.  Instead what if you asked the interviewer(s), Why should I work for you?

My name is Livius Gonzalez and I was born in Asuncion, Paraguay, and have been living in South Florida over 30 years.  My career in Information Technology has spanned over 13 years having worked many roles in the field.  I joined Citrix in 2010 as a Technical Support Engineer on the XenApp team.

I remember my on-site interview quite well, as if it were yesterday.  I was presented several types of questions (technical, technical scenarios and case management) and provided answers to the best of my abilities.  Later I was asked if I had any questions for the interviewers.

I gladly accepted the opportunity and asked each interviewer how long have they worked at Citrix and why do they like it here?  Listening to their responses I asked myself, “When was the last time I shared their enthusiasm?”  After the interview I sat in my car and noticed how impressed I felt by the interviewers body language, ability to conduct a casual conversation and their overall positive demeanor.  This may not seem important to some but to me it stood out like a “Green Flag” having identified this as a void in my own professional endeavor and from personal experience it’s not something you would commonly encounter while interviewing.

You’ve likely heard the Citrix mantra, “work from any device anytime anywhere to work better and live better.” This is our message and how we empower end users to redefine work.  I am proud to know that my role here at Citrix is working with a leader in the latest technology for application, desktop virtualization and mobility.

This is definitely the pinnacle of my career and none of this could be possible without the most important component and that is “we, the employee(s)”.  It’s easier said than done but, we walk the walk and talk the talk, there’s a paramount factor here and it’s our culture and without it we’re just another software company.  In 2013, I was nominated by my peers for, “The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service” and won GOLD.  I can’t begin to explain the feeling knowing my colleagues around the globe valued my work ethics, integrity and commitment ensuring our customers receive the best world class support.  The moment I boarded the plane to Las Vegas, stood on stage to receive my award and returning the following week is a true testament recognizing what enticed me to work for Citrix.   This is my fit, Citrix enabled me to continue cultivating my interests in technology, my work style and personality.  In the previous weeks I asked various senior support engineers, managers and other leadership members, “Why do you like working here and why do you stay?”  I’ve categorized their responses below:

  • The Citrix Culture:
    • Everyone is approachable and always helpful
    • Collaborative and supportive
    • Leadership and mentoring
    • Innovative platform where ideas and feedback can influence our products
  • Work-Life Balance:
    • Flexibility is paramount and Citrix makes this possible
    • I can work from anywhere, home or coffee shop
    • I’m just as productive working several states away while visiting family
    • Encouraged to help and give back to the community
  • Career Growth and Development:
    • Support Engineers have a high ceiling ability to expand onto other roles and positions
    • Technical and training labs accessible 24×7
    • Soft-skills courses available
    • Coaching and blueprint career path advancement

To elaborate further, an Escalation Engineer tells me, “There are days I have to work from home due to personal reasons and my leadership team allows me the flexibility to be as productive.”

A Product Development Manager explains, “I love working here because of the array of intelligent individuals I work with, it expedites my growth and career progression.  I am able to contribute to the development of our products and have positive impact on our customers and the success of their business.”

Lastly, a XenDesktop engineer reminds me he can test power-shell scripts in his environment and perform various tests from anywhere and still join internal meetings remotely and share his results with technical leads.

Not only do we support our own products but also we live it!

This is my Citrix Life and why I chose to work here.

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