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In this month’s CTO Council Newsletter, we explore a variety innovation initiatives at Citrix.  The first article discusses the Citrix Innovators Program and dives into a project called CubeFree.  Next there’s an article around Citrix’s innovative use of data analytics in the recently formed Data Innovation Group. We then look at private/hybrid clouds and how Citrix is simplifying these deployments. The final two articles are around Citrix’s acquisition of Virtual and some astounding facts about the human brain. 

Applying Startup Techniques at Citrix

Rapid product innovation has long eluded companies as they grow and at Citrix we are ensuring innovation thrives. A great example is the Citrix Innovators Program, part of the Citrix Startup Accelerator. This article discusses the innovators program and focuses on CubeFree, an experiment that helps mobile workers find a nearby cafe, library or co-working space that is ideally suited to getting work done with Wi-Fi, power outlets, a good noise level, and easy parking.

Data Driven Intelligence

Citrix recently formed the Data Innovation Group, consisting of three teams:  Information Management, BI and Data Science. The function is to make data and insights more available, enabling data driven intelligence for our company and customers.  This article discusses how this data is instrumental in helping customers recognize more value from Citrix products and helps Citrix better understand our customer’s needs.

XenDesktop and Windows Azure Pack

Citrix Labs has released the XenDesktop Windows Azure Pack Gallery Image. This article takes a close look on where Windows Azure Pack fits within the Enterprise and how the XenDesktop Windows Azure Pack Gallery Image allows for rapid and automated XenDesktop deployments in a private/hybrid cloud scenario.

Citrix Invests in for a Different Perspective

They say a different point of view or perspective can add 50 IQ points when solving a problem. Citrix has just announced the acquisition of the stealth startup Virtual who’s technology includes the first cross platform mobile OS hypervisor and talent that includes some of the top security researchers in the world.

A Few Interesting Things About the Brain

The human brain is the most powerful, and yet least understood part of the human anatomy. Whilst there is much we don’t know, researchers have been able to determine some astounding facts about our grey matter. For example, if your brain were a computer it would be equivalent to half a million Sony PlayStation 4 game consoles. In networking terms, it would consist of 100 billion nodes and 1 quadrillion links. These and many more facts are identified in the info-graphic you can view here and that draws upon the Citrix 2019 Technology Landscape.

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