Citrix NetScaler is the world’s most advanced ADC platform for Enterprises and Service Providers. NetScaler was one of the pioneers in bringing dual-stack IPv6 support to our core ADC platform. Several NetScaler customers use the efficient IPv6 stack as it provides seamless deployment and performance which nearly equates our IPv4 stack.

There are several advanced IPv6 features also available on NetScaler, including IPv6 routing, dynamic routing protocol support for IPv6, auto configuration, path MTU discovery, neighbor discovery, IP AH/ESP header, ICMP v6, all types of virtual servers over IPv6 and more. NetScaler also supports various IPv6 transitioning features such as NAT46, NAT64/DNS64 and mixed mode dual stack deployment.

We are pleased to announce that Citrix NetScaler is now IPv6 Ready Logo certified. Citrix NetScaler is certified for Phase-2 (Gold), Core Protocols category, Router product type. For more information on details of the certification, please click here.

What is IPv6 Ready Logo certification?

The IPv6 Forum is a global consortium for providing technical guidance for deploying IPv6 and launched the IPv6 Ready Logo Program to conduct conformance and interoperability testing on products.  The IPv6 Ready Logo Committee manages the Program, which certifies products as IPv6 Ready.

What is the use of IPv6 Ready Logo certification?

As part of the IPv6 Ready Logo certification, the committee executes conformance and interoperability testings on products. Conformance tests ensure that a product is implemented according to the IPv6 standard specifications. Interoperability tests ensure that the product works well with other peer IPv6 devices (clients and routers) and can exchange data over IPv6 without any issues.

Since the product goes through conformance and interoperability tests before getting certified, customers can be confident that the product is ready for deployment in IPv6 environments. Many of the customers have IPv6 Ready certification as a mandatory item in their request for proposals.

As part of IPv6 readiness, there are many features of NetScaler in addition to the IPv6 Ready Logo certification. Features such as NAT64/DNS64, NAT46, and SLB64/46 help customers move to IPv6 networks seamlessly. With a rich set of features and industry recognized certifications, NetScaler continues to be the preferred ADC of choice for customers.