Since the Zenprise acquisition in early 2013, Citrix marched aggressively down the mobility path to build a comprehensive solution – Citrix XenMobile.  XenMobile has an extremely important role in the Citrix portfolio from its integration with other products (Receiver, ShareFile, GoToMeeting etc.) to its inclusion in the Citrix Workspace Suite, truly enabling people to choose when, where, and how work gets done.

XenMobile has evolved rapidly to be the only comprehensive solution that converges the typical non-convergent aspects for enterprises:

  • IT needs and Users’ demands
  • Compliance and productivity
  • VDI and EMM
  • Simplicity and Scalability
  • Security and Usability

In my opinion, three aspects determine a product’s success:

  1. Customer and user satisfaction: Under Catherine Courage’s leadership, a strong design team helps us deliver the best end-user experience for XenMobile!
  2. Market impact: Citrix XenMobile has consistently shown strong performance in the market, which is reflected in our recent announcement.
  3. Expert analysis: Well, read on…

XenMobile: Report Card

The Forrester Wave™, Enterprise Mobile Management, Q3 2014

Ranking: A Leader

Citrix was named a “Leader” in the latest Forrester Research, Inc. Wave™ for Enterprise Mobile Management.  Forrester acknowledges, “Citrix has demonstrated a strong commitment to user experience across all its products and continues to innovate with collaboration tools like ShareFile and GoToMeeting.”[1]

IDC MarketScape: Enterprise Mobility Management Software, 2014  

Ranking: A Leader

Citrix was also positioned as a “Leader” in the IDC Marketscape for worldwide enterprise mobility management software.  Citrix has been diligently focused on bringing the right solutions for customers.  The pace at which Zenprise was integrated into Citrix solutions illustrates the powerful execution.  Another such proof point is the Citrix Workspace Suite (announced in May 2014) that demonstrates “Citrix’s ability to bring products together in a way where the collective utility of the suite is more powerful than any one product on its own is appealing to the company’s customer base,” according to IDC.[2]

Aragon Research Globe for EMM Software, 2014  

Ranking: A Leader

Aragon’s EMM report states, “Since closing the Zenprise acquisition, Citrix has wasted no time in bolstering its EMM focus, and in 2013, 85% of sales were based on EMM versus MDM.  It has integrated its product families and extended functionality with secure email, as well as integrating with ShareFile, the Citrix MCM offering.”  Citrix went through an aggressive integration path to bring a complete solution to enterprise customers that are faced with the challenge of (a) ensuring security for corporate information (b) managing devices, apps, data and (c) supporting multi-OS platforms introduced by mobile OS providers.[3]

Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an EMM Solution, 2014-15  

Ranking: A Leader

Unlike competitive solutions that might be in the early product versions or solutions that do not clearly understand enterprise requirements, XenMobile is “a mature solution that demonstrates a tight fit with customer requirements, displays innovation around its marketing efforts and business model as well as its feature set, and can be deployed relatively quickly,” according to Ovum.[4]

Reasons for XenMobile’s Success

XenMobile has repeatedly demonstrated success that is attributed to the scalability of the solution, its comprehensiveness, market impact and the breadth of its functionality that can support diverse use cases (including the combined VDI and mobility use cases and the environments that must support diverse mobile platforms).

XenMobile delivers the most complete platform, ecosystem and broadest portfolio of enterprise mobile apps for secure mobile deployment.  These apps are enabled with strong inter-app communication and stellar user experience.  Most notably, these business-class mobile apps are intelligently designed and integrated to provide intuitive workflows, greatly improving end user experience when using multiple enterprise mobile apps together.  For example, people can join a meeting directly from their calendar, take notes and distribute them to all participants with just a few simple taps.

On one hand, enterprise IT is driven by business and compliance requirements.  On the other hand, end users – driven by the consumerization of IT – are demanding ubiquitous access to their apps and data on any device from anywhere.  XenMobile ensures security and compliance while delivering the best user experience to end users and IT admins.  As one of our customers acknowledges, “XenMobile is that invisible hand that assures IT of data security while delivering best end user experience”.

We recognize there are many different customers and environments.  Citrix offers a separate architecture today for those who want to manage their apps (MAM) and support secure email, but not full MDM on the device. This allows greater support of BYOD solutions and helps address the needs of different user groups and geographies.

Citrix has led the way for EMM in the past year, and continues to innovate and stay ahead of the market.  We are honored and proud to be recognized as a leader by top industry analyst firms and will continue to progress by focusing on security, simplicity and delight—for both IT and end users.

[1] Forrester Wave, Enterprise Mobile Management Q3’14, September 30, 2014 by Christian Kane, Tyler Shields, Chris Voce.

[2] IDC MarketScape, Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Management Software 2014 Vendor Assessment, Doc #251379, September 2014

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