Citrix Service Provider Technical Office Hours enable Citrix Service Providers to share tough – or basic – technical questions with Citrix experts. Via GoToWebinar, service providers around the globe have direct access to Citrix experts from engineering, architecture, product management, technical sales, product marketing, the Citrix Service Provider Program team and the Citrix Solutions Lab.

Current Citrix Service Provider partners can view the full webinars under the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence Community section.

The top 5 questions on this quarter’s Citrix Service Provider Technical Office Hours webinars were:

1.       Can you share how-to directions for implementing XenApp and XenDesktop in a multi-tenant environment?

A favorite topic for Technical Office Hours is the Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture. Updated in July, the Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture for Microsoft Cloud OS provides detailed guidance on designing, implementing and managing a multi-tenant Citrix-based hosted environment. Some new Citrix Service Providers were interested in tips on getting started, while more established partners were keen to understand the new version’s updates based on recent XenApp and XenDesktop releases and upcoming addendums.

Everyone enjoyed hearing directly from Citrix Solutions Lab engineers about the true to life service provider environment created in the Citrix Labs. The Citrix Solutions Labs team truly tests and considers each release in order to provide proper guidance for the Reference Architecture, ensuring Citrix-based Desktops-as-a-Service environments can be efficient, scalable, and reliable.   (Hint: enjoy more 1:1 discussion with the Citrix Solutions Lab team at Citrix Summit).

2.       What’s happening with CloudPortal Services Manager?

Service Providers using CloudPortal Services Manager find a fast route to scaling business and the self-service experience that today’s end users expect. Digging into more details of the new CloudPortal Services Manager 11.5 release,  the team was able to answer very technical questions around Microsoft Active Directory synch and eliminating day-to-day manual processes with automated service provisioning.

Service providers using CloudPortal Services Manager were interested in expanding the provisioning beyond today’s Citrix technologies and Microsoft hosted offerings like Lync and Exchange. See the full list of user services available today with CloudPortal Services Manager 11.5, then share feedback on additional services to provision with CloudPortal Services Manager via

3.       Who is actually implementing hosted XenMobile?

Hosted mobile device management is taking off for Citrix Service Providers, especially with clients in the financial services and healthcare markets, where client and patient data is at risk.  Both major telco firms and smaller service providers see the value of hosted XenMobile, and are successfully selling it today. (See hosted XenMobile case studies with a Citrix Service Provider and a financial services end user buyer).

For Citrix Service Providers, XenMobile also includes hosted ShareFile, so file synch and share is an added bonus. ShareFile is also considered a huge benefit for service providers going into competitive situations. Integrated and secure, Citrix ShareFile is enterprise-grade file sharing built for mobile users – and a huge advantage over other piecemeal solutions.

4.       How does App Orchestration differ from what I’m doing manually?

Citrix App Orchestration 2.5 was covered in great detail on the Technical Office Hours, both because there was just a new App Orchestration release issued in August and because it’s being more broadly adopted by Citrix Service Providers.

Automating the delivery of multi-tenant environments, App Orchestration delivers cloud scale automation from a single interface and central management domain. There were several in-depth questions about the new App Orchestration zero-trust isolation feature—highlighting Microsoft Active Directory trust doesn’t have to be in place for a service provider to manage the client’s hosted environment. See more in the blog: Citrix App Orchestration 2.5 Debuts Zero Trust Private Domain Delivery Model for Desktops-as-a-Service

5.       How much technical content will be covered at Citrix Summit?

For service providers, January’s Citrix Summit partner event will include a full track of both technical and business information. It’s no secret that the service provider track includes many sessions on the technical side, with additional technical sessions available in Summit’s cloud, mobility, networking and virtualization tracks. See the emerging Citrix Summit session list for more details.

Additionally, a Citrix Summit ticket includes the opportunity for instructor-led labs and self-paced labs, as well as a no-charge certification exam. All Citrix Service Providers must have 2 certified technical contacts, so the on-site certification exam is a huge benefit. Find out more information and register on the Citrix Summit website.

Current Citrix Service Provider partners can view the full current and past webinars under the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence Community section.

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