Dell R7910

Early this month, Dell released its new rack workstation, the Precision Dell R7910. It comes with Intel’s latest Haswell EP Processor which supports up to 1TB of DDR4 memory. I am therefore very happy to announce this server is already Citrix Ready making it yet another excellent choice for 3D graphic users wanting high density desktop VDI environments with unparalleled graphics performance, provided only by the combination of  XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro, XenServer 6.2 and NVIDIA’s GRID GPU technology.

See our HCL for the supported hardware.

What does this mean for high end graphics users?

The shift to the new DDR4 RDIMM memory technology has in other words improved and memory access is far times superior. It supports popular ISV vendors like Autodesk Inventor, 3D CAD, Revit®, 3ds Max®, Maya® and more. For list of all the current supported ISVs, please take a look at the official Dell R7910 page.


Better Power and Performance is a key requirement for growing the enterprise computing market and Dell is definitely among the leaders. With its integrated Intel Cache Acceleration Software, Dell manages to provide solid state device (SSD) like performance. This improves frame rates up to 70% in AutoCAD 2015. There is also an optional high speed 12 Gb/s RAID controller that can double I/O performance. The DDR4 module produces 2133 megatransfers per second (MT/s) which is truly incredible. Intel’s Haswell EP processor comes with 14 cores/35MB cache supporting up to 28 threads. It also features Intel Hyper Threading and Turbo boost technologies.

If you want to know more about Dell’s solutions, I recently wrote a blog on Dell’s collaboration with AMD available here. Check it out! For more of Dell-Citrix collaboration, keep following our Citrix Blogs. Search with tag “Dell”.

Citrix Ready

If you are a new vendor unaware about the Citrix Ready Program, please visit our home page to know more. Do watch the video there to learn the program benefits or download this PDF.

To get information on our next upcoming release of XenServer Creedence, you can watch out the space, tech preview available here. To get more information about XenDesktop 7.6 release, you can watch this space for download and this space for all the features.

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