“The moon belongs to everyone, The best things in life are free, The stars belongs to everyone, They gleam there for you and me.”

This proverb originated in 1927 as the title of a song. It means, the most rewarding or satisfying experiences in life are often those that cost nothing.

This blog entails how Command Center has brought the best to the table with the new changes .

We always have kept best in mind to bring the right solution for our customers. Command Center has gone a long way and been quite popular with customers since it has been introduced.

Till now Command Center Software was only available for customers who have NetScaler Enterprise or Platinum license, CloudBridge, NetScaler Gateway and ByteMobile Traffic Director.

With the thought to get a full-fledged support for your deployment, we have decided to extend Command Center support to NetScaler Standard & AppFirewall Standalone devices also!!

With this change and with respect to the latest Command Center End User License Agreement, it will support following Management & Monitoring devices:

–             NetScaler (MPX,VPX,SDX) – Standard, Enterprise & Platinum License

–             NetScaler AppFirewall

–             ByteMobile Traffic Director

–             Citrix CloudBridge

–             NetScaler Gateway

You can now enjoy complete Management & Monitoring Support across NetScaler Standard and NetSclaer AppFirewall licensed appliances too!

Specifically opening avenues for NetScaler AppFirewall standalone appliances customers to utilize AppFirewall Violation Summary Reporting Feature of Command Center.

Isn’t the best things in life for free 😉