Cubefree appToday we’re excited to bring you one of Citrix’s newest innovations for the mobile workforce and a very useful addition to your mobile workspace toolkit.

The winner of the Citrix Connect 2014 Innovation Challenge and also a graduate of the Citrix Startup Accelerator program, Cubefree is a mobile app that takes the hassle out of finding the perfect place to plug in and get work done, no matter where in the world your office needs to be, any day of the week.

Leveraging the Foursquare API to index hundreds and thousands of cafes, libraries and co-working spaces, Cubefree gives you all the intel you need to choose the right place work and ‘know before you go’ how good the Wi-Fi is, what the noise level is like and if you’ll get a power outlet all to yourself.

Key Features:

  • Real-time map with cafes, libraries and co-working spaces

  • Wi-Fi speed test

  • Reviews of Wi-Fi, power outlet availability, parking and noise levels

  • Search by location or other locations if you will be traveling

  • Professional networking

  • Coffee and table-sharing invitations

  • Chat

  • Special offers on Citrix productivity apps and other goodies

Cubefree was created with the challenges of mobile workers in mind. It often takes more than a café with great coffee and Wi-Fi to be productive. If you work in a busy city, you can use the app’s networking features to secure a seat at a crowded café before you go with a quick message to a Cubefree buddy who’s already there. How many times have you needed to step away to the coffee counter or restroom but were afraid to leave your mobile office (AKA your stuff)? With Cubefree you’ll know if other nomadic workers are around you and have an easy way to offer a coffee or ask them to share a table.

Cubefree is as much about finding you the right environment to get work done as it is about facilitating professional connections and creating a community of people who work in similar ways outside the office.

Now there’s an app for road warriors who need to find a work spot in between meetings, startup owners who want to extend their professional relationships, travelling international workers who need to find places to work beyond Starbucks and, of course, mobile workers who just like to experience different work settings day-to-day.

The world is your office. Meet your new co-workers. Download the Cubefree app.

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