We have heard quite a few stories recently from Citrix consultants, customers, and partners about the need for more WAN deployment information with regards to XenDesktop 7.x.  For the previous IMA based architecture there are plenty of resources about scaling deployments over a WAN but there appears to be less information when it comes to XenDesktop deployments.  We’ve had some interesting discussions about VDA registration with delivery controllers, when the delivery controller is at one site or data centre and the VDA may be in a branch office or another site.

These types of scenarios appear to be triggered when existing XenApp customers using the IMA architecture are looking at implementing the new FMA architecture but wish to deploy it in the same way (think data collectors, zone preference and failover), but also from new customers who have multiple offices and want to manage local resources in each branch.

We are looking to include a lot more WAN scenarios in our environments with regards to the testing and development of the product so we are looking for some feedback from the community on the types of WAN environments out there.  We will be able to use this data to tailor our solutions during development and also to then provide feedback to the community in the way of configuration settings (config files/registry keys/tips) to enhance deployments for WAN type scenarios.

We have created a online survey that customers and partners can complete here.  It should only take a few minutes but would provide us with valuable information, so if you can spare a few minutes it would greatly appreciated.  We’ll also follow up with the results of the survey at a later date.

Online Survey for Customer WAN Environments

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