subscriber-centric analyticsFor many mobile operators, each subscriber add is a subscriber that’s been stolen from one of their competitors. That is, unless they manage to sign up a 10-year old kid who’s just getting his first smartphone from mom and dad.

What if you as a marketing executive at this mobile operator had a way of inferring which of those moms and dads in your subscriber base had kids that were ready to start devoting their waking hours to SnapChat?

That would be made possible by big data analytics based on mobile subscriber behavior. Subscriber-centric analytics, we call it.

Of course, that’s just one of dozens of examples of the ways in which big data from a mobile operator’s subscriber base can help to transform mobile operator functions such as marketing and customer care.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing on this blog real-world examples of how subscriber-centric analytics delivered by ByteMobile Insight can be used to do things like create new segmentation models, drive better pricing decisions and reduce the frustration of “bill shock.”

Next up: what’s so special about a subscriber profile?