Highlights of Support Articles – August 2014

Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for August 2014

Highlighted Apps, Desktops, and Client Virtualization Articles

CTX200179   How to Install XenDesktop on CloudPlatform – Lab Guide
CTX200169 How To Create EdgeSight Report Subscription
CTX137401 Configuring a VDI-in-a-Box Grid Running on vSphere Hypervisortd>
CTX136882 How to Create Group Policy for ShareFile Sync with Pre-Configured Proxy Settings
CTX136576 How to Change the Percentage of the Virtual Desktop Agents in Powered State for Catalogs
CTX200189 How To Create Access Filter Policies in XenDesktop
CTX140699 How to Enable HTML5 Connections to Windows 2012 R2 Based RDS Machines
CTX126255 How to Capture Debugging Information for Memory Leak in Windows 2008 R2
CTX133012 Mouse Pointer Moves Erratically When you Launch GTM
CTX128856 Acrobat Reader X Repair Installation Option Allows Users to Trigger a Server Reboot
CTX118640 Failed Error: Corrupted Load Evaluator
CTX139752 How to Configure XD 7.1 or 7.5 to Recognize XA Citrix Service Provider Base SKU Licenses
CTX200187 NumLock not Working on Chrome OS with USB Keyboards
CTX123236 Target Device Stops Responding at Windows Splash Screen
CTX200185 Application Enumeration Failing after Applying MS KB2919355
CTX200190 Logon Scripts Launch Delayed Minutes after Connecting to XenApp
CTX200180 Recommended Solutions for Installing Symantec SEP 12.1.x in Shared and PvD VMs
CTX787589 Shadow Options are Unavailable in the ICA Listener or Management Server Consoles
CTX200183 Citrix Receiver Experiencing Intermittent Audio Performance
CTX200175 IMA Service Fails with Microsoft KB2893294 and Setting EnableCertPaddingCheck
CTX141275 Microsoft Security Patch Validation Report August 2014
CTX200188 Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1.20 & 7.1.3 Target Time Zone Changes
CTX140925 XenApp 7.5 Migration Guide

Highlighted DataCenter and Cloud Articles

CTX130327   How to Enable Log Compression on XenServer
CTX121634 How to Evaluate the Read Speeds on the Block Type Storage Repositories for XenServer
CTX200176 How to Collect Diagnostics Using the CPBM Admin Utility
CTX131258 FAQ: XenServer 6.0 – Microsoft .NET 4 Requirements

Highlighted Networking Articles

CTX118677   How to Upload a Configuration Script from the Command Line Interface
CTX116557 How to Decrypt SSL and TLS Traffic using Wireshark
CTX126736 How to Restrict Access to NS Owned IP Addresses from the Management App
CTX131724 How to Create an Expression Using AppExpert to Compare HTTP Request Header
CTX133285 How to Configure NetScaler Application Firewall Signatures Protection
CTX113028 How to License Access Gateway Enterprise Edition
CTX130799 Configuring NetScaler to prevent HTTP Apache attacks (CVE-2011-3192)
CTX200177 Configuration and Troubleshooting for NetScaler as SAML IDP and Siteminder as SAML SP
CTX200178 Encrypted SAML Assertion Support on NetScaler as Service Provider
CTX200186 FAQ : Citrix Receiver for Windows and NetScaler Gateway

Highlighted Enterprise Mobility Articles

CTX136735   How to Unlock an Active Directory User After Passing XenMobile Lockout Limit
CTX200207 How to Configure XenMobile 9.x with a New License Server
CTX200197 XenMobile is not Detecting Correct License Count/Date from License Server”
CTX200168 Using Active Directory Global Catalog with XenMobile App Controller
CTX200158 FAQ – Citrix Insight Services for XenMobile

Highlighted Citrix Blogs

Citrix Blog   Leading the Way to Mobile Workspaces
Citrix Blog Imitation is never as good as the original
Citrix Blog How would you spend $100 to improve Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp and HDX?
Citrix Blog Lighting up XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 on Clouds Across the Globe
Citrix Blog Citrix HDX: The BIG LIST of graphical benchmarks, tools and demos!
Citrix Blog   RDS vs VDI – Making Sense of the Numbers with LoginVSI!
Citrix Blog   Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp: What is HDX? It’s not just ICA!
Citrix Blog   Printing is NOT important in the VDI environment
Citrix Blog   XenApp vs. Horizon 6 RDS – Client-side Peripherals

Most Liked Articles*

CTX140111   Hotfix Rollup Pack 4 for Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
CTX137494 Receiver Clean-Up Utility
CTX804493 Users Prompted to Download, Run, Open Launch.ica File, Instead of Launching Connection
CTX122442 Lifecycle Announcement for Citrix XenApp
CTX129229 Recommended Hotfixes for XenApp 6.x on Windows Server 2008 R2
CTX136578 Google Chrome not Opening Launch.ica Files
CTX139939 Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 – Citrix Known Issues
CTX141036 Hotfix XS62ESP1008 – For XenServer 6.2.0 Service Pack 1
CTX120285 User Profile Best Practices for XenApp
CTX122536 Citrix Quick Launch
CTX135438 How to Suppress the Add Account Window in Citrix Receiver for Windows
CTX127030 Citrix Guidelines for Antivirus Software Configuration
CTX133565 How to Configure Default Device Access Behavior of Receiver, XenDesktop and XenApp
CTX112613 Public XenApp Client/Plug-in/Receiver Build Quick Reference List
CTX140153 Troubleshooting Methodology for NetScaler, StoreFront with XenApp and/or XenDesktop
CTX125285 How to Install Citrix Linux Receiver on Ubuntu
CTX132791 How to Apply a XenServer Hotfix Using the Command Line
CTX133910 How to Setup XenServer 6.x to Auto-Start Virtual Machines
CTX138875 Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.4 Cumulative Update 3 – English
CTX130147 Citrix Scout

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