We wanted to share a commercial espousing the impact of a quality mobile video experience (in this case, on the storyline).  Check out this 70 second video skit, with the following loose translation of the dialogue in mind.

i.   Leonidas, the leader of 300 Sparta men , gives an  encouraging speech to his army saying “ My brothers, Be brave , they may have a big army but we are 300 Sparta men.”

ii.   The guy behind warns his leader: “ At a moment we are only 3 Sparta men due to the very low speed internet of the guy watching this video”

iii.   Update: “We have now become 3.5 Sparta men”

iv.   Then the leader gives the order “Let’s escape!”

Now, a slow loading video wouldn’t exactly end up appearing like that, with half a character missing, but it illustrates the concept, together with some humor.  😉  I hope this brought a smile to your day.

Also, if you found this relevant, you may want to see how Vodafone Turkey illustrated the impact of a quality mobile video experience.