Top 5 Reasons for marketing and selling the Integrated System – FlexPod Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktopIntegrated Systems – when done well – offer partners and customers a solution that just “works”.  Ultimately it’s about bringing structure and organizing principles to an otherwise complex system and enabling our partners to help deliver the final product to the end customer.

There are actions that Integrated System purveyors such as Cisco, Citrix and NetApp rigorously take to make it easier for our partners by removing much of the heavy lifting out of the equation for you. Here are my top five reasons for why, as a Citrix partner, you can benefit from marketing and selling a FlexPod with Citrix XenDesktop solution:

  1. A validated reference architecture that reduces customer risk – A Cisco Validated Design is an industry leading methodology for building and testing solutions with ecosystem partners like Citrix and NetApp.  They have completed all of the heavy lifting, which means you don’t need to worry about verifying that the solution works. Equally, this offers further assurance for your customers that the solution scales properly to meet requirements – now, and in the future.
  2. Single-point-of-support-agreement – gives you and your customers a single point of contact for technical support, saving time and effort. Not that you’ll ever need it, but if something does go wrong, simply call one number as the tech support teams diligently work in the background to figure out a solution to your customer’s problem.
  3. Leverage the huge success of the FlexPod solution – FlexPod has been wildly successful for Cisco and NetApp, which means that it is incredibly successful for our partners. We’ve seen worldwide adoption of the solution and significant sales momentum totaling over $3Billion in joint sales. In fact, to date FlexPod shipments have grown 81% annually to 4,100 customers across 100 countries!!
  4. Market momentum is in your favor as integrated systems are expected to grow at a CAGR of 32.8% over the next four years – The market trend toward integrated systems is clear.  According to IDC*, an increasing number of  customers are shifting toward integrated systems at a growth rate of almost 33%! They value integrated systems because they bring validated, proven platforms that deliver on the promise put forth by integrators. Capitalize on this market momentum today.
  5. Fill your pipeline faster – With three of your strategic vendors like Cisco, Citrix and NetApp you’ll be able to fill the pipelines of your sales team faster. Provide sales with a fully integrated solution that has the added benefit of a fully integrated demand marketing campaign too.
* Worldwide Integrated Systems 2014-2017 Forecast, IDC #246938, Mar 2014

Partner marketing resources at your fingertips

To help you capture your share of this growing market we’ve developed the FlexPod Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktop Key Play. All of the integrated messaging in this three way play? DONE! High quality call-to-action deliverables such as IDC Whitepapers, solution briefs and call scripts? DONE! Need materials for a customer presentation or a seminar that targets strategic IT? DONE! How about a recorded webinar that targets the functional IT buyer? DONE! In fact, everything that you will need to properly market and position the FlexPod Datacenter solution to your customers is available for you to use, today.

Where can you find all of this great stuff?

The great news is, we’ve even taken out the heavy lifting from your marketing execution. Everything is pre-loaded on to our demand generation platform –  Citrix Marketing Concierge – ready for you to customize, provide your value proposition and execute! To access these materials, simply visit Citrix Marketing Concierge at and filter on keyword “FlexPod”.

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